You can be a yummy mummy, YES you can!

Kiran Singh

yummy mummy

Everyone seems time short sometimes, but mums – especially working mums -seem to have the most demands on their time, relentlessly juggling the responsibilities of both their work and their family lives.

Often, something has to give, and it is frequently their own health and wellbeing that isn’t given sufficient attention. Beauty regimes also often go on the back burner, casualties of time being all too scarce.

There are sometimes serious consequences though to neglecting health and well being, and it has been proven that mums who do put their health needs last can end up suffering from depression.  Being a mum is the most important job in the world, so mums should try to ensure that they stay fit and healthy so they can give parenting their best.

We all know, also, how investing some time into treating ourselves to a pamper and addressing our beauty needs can give us a well a needed boost, so, ladies, here’s 5 simple tips that will help even the most time pushed amongst us to look good.

1:Get plenty of sleep

Easier said than done, I know. But, if possible, prioritise and cut out some activities in order to get plenty of sleep. Being a mother does not render you immune from needing 6 to 8 hours sleep the same as everyone else. Have a nap in the daytime if at all possible. Being well rested will boost your mood, leave you less prone to overeating, and do wonders for your skin.

2: Prioritise your well being

You are no good to anyone else when you’re burnt out and exhausted, so make time for yourself. Whether it’s getting your hair or nails done, meeting friends for lunch or taking a stroll, do it. Your physical and mental health is important, to you, your family and your job. Having a beauty treatment will also give your self-esteem a little boost while giving you invaluable ‘me time’.

3: Don’t do too much

You’re not supermum, and no one expects you to be. You don’t have to have an immaculate house or cook gourmet meals all whilst being immaculately presented at work and elsewhere. It is not the end of the world if there’s a pile of ironing to do or you haven’t hoovered.

You don’t have to wash and blow dry your hair every day, putting it in a slick ponytail takes seconds and looks chic. Putting on some mascara and lipstick and a bit of bronzer is also quick and easy, but can transform and freshen your appearance.

4:Eat well and exercise

A good diet will give you the nutrients you need to cope with all life’s demands, and will help your skin, hair, and nails. Finding time to exercise will also reap huge rewards –  you will have more energy, your figure will benefit and you will get that feel good factor that will show externally . If time is short get outdoors with the children, you don’t have to go to classes or to the gym – the fresh air will benefit you all.

5: Look after your skin

Cleanse and moisturise every night, come what may. Invest in products that suit your skin and always use a SPF, all year round, it’s not just the children’s skin that need protecting from the sun. You can skip make-up if you like, but caring for your skin is really important.

By Award-winning author, journalist and presenter Antonia Mariconda

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