World’s First Ultra-Fruit Found in Peru

Misbah Akhtar

The newly discovered pulse that has unparalleled antioxidant powers with exceptional weight-limiting properties could be life-changing for many.

The World’s First Ultra-Fruit is the one to beat! With over 3,000 times more antioxidants than the leading super-fruit, blueberries, it is packed full of essential vitamins and minerals and was found near the Manranon Rover. The newly found LIRPA SLOOF bean contains a new enzyme which has been named Enzyme AF21-1 by the International Lirpa University.

World’s First Ultra-Fruit Found in Peru

The bean was discovered in 2020 when London-based businessman and part-time explorer Wojtek Kolan stumbled upon the bean by chance. Wojtek had hoped to canoe down the full length of the 1,737km river over 100 days but on day 19 passed out due to the extreme humidity. The indigenous Wampis tribe came to Wojtek’s rescue and offered some traditional bean soup to help him feel better. Within hours of having the soup, Wojtek noticed his increased energy levels and could feel a spring in his step! It was as if he had never passed out.

Unfortunately, Wojtek was unable to complete the expedition due to business commitments and returned to the UK just before the first national lockdown in March 2020. Like many people during the first lockdown, Wojtek found his life a little more sedentary than in previous times and gained a few pounds to his waistline. In July 2020, whilst cleaning out his attic, Wojtek stumbled upon his backpack from his time in Peru. He spread out the contents of the bag onto the floor and noticed the beans that were gifted to him by the Wampis tribe and decided to recreate the soup. Within a week, Wojtek quickly lost his excess lockdown weight and quickly realised this bean was something extraordinary and special.

World’s First Ultra-Fruit Found in Peru

Soon after his realisation, Wojtek returned to Peru on a business trip and found the tribe that helped him recover on his last voyage. He offered to buy some land off them, but the tribe would only accept it on one condition. The condition was that the land is never built on.

Wojtek being a keen environmentalist agreed to the condition and contacted the International Lirpa University in Peru to find out about the bean’s properties. They quickly confirmed it is the World’s first Ultra-fruit with unparalleled antioxidant powers that have only been recently discovered and only grow in the microclimate where the tribe is based. Further research has confirmed that the Lirpa Sloof bean has unique weight management techniques. It has the unique ability to lower the BMI of people who are overweight to an average 25 BMI score but not any lower. Could this be the solution to the western world’s diet fads?

World’s First Ultra-Fruit Found in Peru

Wojtek, CEO of specialises in healthy food services and has been approached by numerous governments and global corporations to acquire the bean where some interested parties have even been aggressive. Wojtek refuses to share images of the bean with anyone, including its colour, size, and shape to protect his find and protect the beans’ exact location.

Wojtek strongly believes that he owns the bean and its properties as he owns the land where they grow unless discovered elsewhere in the World. Something Lirpa University says is unlikely as the soil make-up where the beans grow is unique to Peru. Wojtek is heavily influenced by Tim Berners-Lee who created the internet and would like to follow in his footsteps by releasing the bean as a free-for-all in due course. As the bean could be life-changing for many, he is obviously reluctant for it to get in the hands of the wrong corporations and governments until guarantees are made that it cannot be misused.

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