Work Smart

Penclic has taken the keyboard and TTouchpadto a new level combining contemporary Scandinavian design, function and ergonomics without sacrificing comfort for size.

Enjoy the simple and sleek design of Penclic’s ergonomic mini keyboard, which combines contemporary design, superior ergonomics and function without sacrificing comfort for size.

The Penclic Wireless Mini Keyboard K2’s small size allows you to centralize your work position, creating better focus and maximized desk space. Its optimal 5 mm profile and ergonomic design decreases strain on the wrists, which also serves to counteract and reduce RSI. Quiet-touch keys reduce noise and offer great tactile feeling, allowing you to utilise small keystrokes and minimal pressure when typing, leading to quicker results and productivity.

Work Smart

The Penclic Mini Keyboard wireless K2 white costs £54.98 from Posturite

Penclic’s NiceTouch is an easy- to-use touchpad and hand rest combination. The NiceTouch touchpad brings together smart Scandinavian design and comfort for efficiency while you work, allowing your hands to rest easily on the soft surface, reducing fatigue and pain as you work.

Penclic’s NiceTouch features an intuitive touchpad, Quiet-Touch keys and distinctive scrolling ability, offering a comfortable, familiar and centred way to work. Simple and easy-to-use, its unique features offer a comfortable working position, helping to prevent RSI when spending long hours in front of a computer. Soft to the touch it provides an enjoyable hand rest for fatigued hands and wrists.

It’s an easy to use touchpad and hand rest combination. It’s designed with modern keyboard technology and simplicity at its best, providing high end functionality together with an ergonomic working position where the hand rests easily on the soft surface. It is designed to be the perfect partner your keyboard.

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The Penclic NiceTouch T2 costs £ 50 from Posturite

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