Which Floor for Which Room?

Misbah Akhtar

When it comes to our homes we want them to be a reflection of ourselves and our personal style. Which means that when it comes to furnishing them, we base our choices on what we actually like, however when it comes to the floors of our homes we also have to consider the practicality – but this doesn’t mean that the design must be compromised either!

So which floor is the best material for the different rooms around the house? Well, we’ve teamed up with Luxury flooring to discuss everything from engineered wood flooring to natural stone tiles!

Ground Floor

Make a lasting impression as soon as anyone walks through the door by installing solid wood floors in your hallway! This type of floor is guaranteed to impress with its stunning appearance and rustic feel, as well as being incredibly durable too – which also makes it ideal for the hallway, which as you can expect will be open to lots of foot traffic. Not only can solid wood withstand a lot of wear and tear, if in the unlikely event it does get damaged then it can be repaired just as easily. Solid wood floors can be sanded and refinished multiple times, meaning that if it does get chipped or dented, it can be solved pretty easily!

A lot of people are now straying away from the idea of carpets in their living room/lounge areas, one of the most popular types of flooring to be used in this room is now engineered wood flooring. This floor bears a strong resemblance to solid wood but it actually differs due to the way that it is constructed. One of the good things about engineered wood in comparison to solid wood is the price tag, it’s much cheaper than its solid counterpart but looks pretty much identical, meaning that you can add that wonderful warmth and character from wood flooring but save a little on your pocket too.

Kitchen floors are a bit of a tricky one, people tend to stay away from the likes of laminate or vinyl floors because they’re afraid of them looking cheap. However, we believe that both floors are ideal for the kitchen area. This is because the kitchen, the very centre of your home, is guaranteed to be busy and while many homeowners side with tiled floors, laminate and vinyl are incredibly durable and able to withstand changing moisture and temperature levels. As the kitchen can quite a messy area it’s also vital that the floor is easy to clean and maintain, with laminate and vinyl they can be immaculate with just a damp mop and a sweep – simple! Looking for a fitted Kitchen? Check out Glasgow Fitted Kitchen.


Although carpets remain a firm favourite in bedrooms across the world, a lot of people are opting for a more Scandinavian feel – which means pale woods such as blondes, greys and plenty of white wash! This colour scheme and style has proved popular across Europe and it makes for a great optical illusion as the light that reflects from the boards themselves can make your bedroom appear larger and more spacious than it actually is. One of the good things about swapping carpets for wood floors is the reduction in allergens and dust within the bedroom environment because they are unable to cling to wood like they are carpet fibres – ideal if you suffer from any irritating allergies or hay fever!

The bathroom, also known as ‘the escape room’ for many parents across the country is your own little spa, so why shouldn’t it be kitted out with the most luxurious materials? In this case – natural stone tile floors. Not only do natural stone tiles look absolutely stunning, they also last forever too! Let’s be honest, there wouldn’t be so many statues from centuries ago made of these materials otherwise would there? If it was good enough for our ancestors then surely it’s good enough for our homes.

So there you have it, just a few of our favourite floors for each individual room in the house. Of course, this is just our personal opinion, yours may differ and do you know what? That’s the beauty of the world!

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