What to do if your child is injured at daycare

Dropping your child off at daycare is perhaps one of the most average everyday things on a parent’s weekday to-do list. However, just because daycare is a normal part of life doesn’t mean that you will stop worrying about the safety of your child whilst under the watchful eye of daycare staff (who have multiple children to attend to). After all, anybody familiar with the clumsiness of toddlers knows that almost constant supervision is needed to stop them from finding new and interesting ways of injuring themselves. In an ideal world, injuries to children
would not occur, but when your child is injured at daycare, you may need to know what to do next (see this website for more details).

What to do if your child is injured at daycare

Were you notified?

The first thing on your mind following an injury to your child is going to be your child’s health. Once this has been established, you next need to turn your mind to official matters regarding the accident. This begins with asking when the accident occurred. If you were not notified immediately (or within a reasonable time frame considering the attention that would first need to be paid to the child to check for injuries), there may be a reason. This reason could be a simple error in failing to pick up the phone as soon as possible after the injury, but there could also be cause for concern where a failure to make contact was due to panic on behalf of staff who know that their actions (or lack of action) have a decisive role to play in the lead up to the injury. This is where parents need to be vigilant in addressing any “cover-ups”, as any unchecked negligence could lead to further injuries.

Pursuing a claim for personal injury compensation

You could be forgiven for believing that the owners of the daycare centre would be proactive in arranging support for the injured child and their family. For example, this support could include financial compensation for any medical bills, transport to medical appointments, and lost earnings as a result of taking time away from work. However, business owners are unlikely to make decisions that will involve financial loss if they are not forced to do so. They may rely on goodwill gestures and lean on any bonds they have developed with you to try to avoid legal action. However, finding a lawyer early means that the business owner will not be able to
wriggle off the hook with avoidance tactics and empty gestures.

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…also, as a final tip, do not worry about the cost to the business – all damages are paid by the

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