How to Welcome a Dog into the Family Home

Misbah Akhtar

Welcoming a dog into the family home will take careful planning. Not only will you have to stock up on dog supplies and food, but you will also need to set ground rules to ensure everyone is committed to caring for their new pet pooch. Read our tips on how to welcome a dog into the family home.

Stay Calm

The whole family is bound to be excited at the prospect of welcoming a new dog into the family. However, it is essential you do not overwhelm the pet at your first meeting. A dog might be afraid to move to an unfamiliar environment, so remain calm to make the transition as stress-free as possible for your pet.

Go for a Walk

Familiarize your dog to his or her new neighborhood by going on a long walk. This will allow a pet to become used to his or her new sights, sounds and smells, and it will also allow him or her to burn off energy, so they are calmer within the home. The more walks your dog enjoys, the more familiar they will feel at home. You should aim to walk your dog twice each day, and you can even turn to dog walking services when you’re unable to do so.

Introduce Your Pet’s New Home

Once your pet has enjoyed a long walk, keep him or her on a leash as you walk her to the front door, but do not let her enter immediately. Allow your pet to sit or lie down by the door and then enter first. Only allow the dog to enter once you invite her in.

Take a Tour

Once your dog has entered the home, keep hold of his or her leash and lead your pet from one room to the next. Allow your new canine companion to wander through the room and sniff around for a few minutes, while using the leash to ensure a dog remains by your side. Always ensure you enter each room first to establish to a pet that you are the leader, and only allow a dog into the room once you have invited him or her in.

Avoid Communication

You might be tempted to chat to or touch your pet, but try not to unless necessary. Guide your dog through the home by using your body language. A pet is bound to be a little afraid in a new environment, so limit communication to calm your dog so he or she can focus on your movements.

The Feeding Location

Finish the tour by taking your dog to his or her food and water area. Add some food and water into a bowl, which will make your pet feel at ease within your home.

Continue Your Daily Routine

To create a calm environment and establish yourself as a master, continue with your daily routine. Also, encourage other household members to try to ignore the dog. If a dog wants to join you then ensure you give him or her attention, but do not be overly-affectionate until your pet is used to the new home.

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