Ways To Cope When Your Partner Works Away From Home 

If your partner works away from home a lot, whether for business trips or military deployments,  it can be very difficult to cope. Not only do you have to take care of your children alone, but you also have to juggle this with your many other work and life commitments. However, it is not helpful to get bogged down in the negatives. There are lots of things you can do to help you cope when your partner works away from home. Let’s take a look:

Get as much prepared as you can before your partner leaves

The stress can often kick in when you are rushing around picking the kids up from school, getting the shopping, booking appointments, etc. If you try to do as much as you can before your partner leaves, then you’ll have less to rush around for. For example, stock the fridge and freezer full of food and book and attend dentist, doctor or vet appointments. You may also wish to create a diary and set reminders on your phone to help you stay on top of all the family events and tasks.

Have a list of ideas for weekend activities

The weekends are often the most demanding points when your partner is working away from home. This is mainly because the kids are at home, and they are desperate to be entertained! It’s helpful to have some ideas in store for these occasions. For example, you could do some gardening, go for a walk or bike ride or just curl up on the sofa and enjoy a movie. It’s hard to think on your feet when you are tired and when you don’t have your partner to contribute, so hopefully this list of weekend activities will come in handy.

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Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Your family and friends will fully understand that when your partner is away, this will be a trying time for you. Don’t be afraid to lean on your loved ones for support. You would do the same for them! You will probably be craving some quiet time more than ever, so ask a relative or friend to help out with the kids for a short while so you can have some time to yourself.

Works Away From Home 


Arrange to accompany your partner

If you and the kids can take some time out of your everyday lives, why not accompany your partner on his business trip, or at least for a part of it? This way you and your kids get to explore a new place and don’t get to miss out on too much time with your partner.

Consider moving closer

If your partner is away a lot, for example, if he or she works in the military, this can mean extended periods of separation. Many families choose to move closer to their partner’s work so that they can spend the maximum amount of time together. For example, Ultris Courthouse Square is a housing community that caters to families and military personnel. Separation from a parent can be very difficult for children, so this may be the best option for you and your family.

A partner who works away from home a lot is not an ideal family situation. However, you should remain positive. Concentrate on the things you can do to make your life easier while your partner is away and what you can do to spend the minimum amount of time apart as possible.
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