Troubles of being a single mother

Misbah Akhtar


In a tough world where it’s every man for himself and women are not even offered equal rights, it gets hard to be a single mother. No matter how you lost or never got along with the father of the child, one thing is for sure. The child is a constant reminder of the father and a constant reminder of his absence in the child’s life as well. Even if you take out all the emotional stress out of it, a single mother is supposed to be superhuman. She has got to be a working and sustaining role in the society, earning enough. She has got to be emotionally stable and fully present in front of the child as well. Moreover, she is also required to be social and available. And even when the poor soul does somehow miraculously like a goddess that she is, gets the job done, her own desires and dreams are lost in the chaos of everyday life.

single mother

Problems of the world:

It has been significantly apparent in the modern age that the world has come to a point where if you’re not of use to anyone, you’re not fit to survive. Considering the competition that is now found in almost every field of profession there is, you need to be something really special and creative that you manage to be making what’s considered enough. Whether you’re a corporate worker or a freelance photographer, you need another job to make more than just the rents and the bills. But the trouble comes up for more of the poorer people. These are the kinds of single mothers who are so stumped in life and over-burdened with problems of the world that the responsibility of the child is their dying cause. A hard-working woman will work till 3 in the morning and get up at 4:30 to tend to her child. And yet more waits for these poor souls who face more challenges. Like minimum wages. Waitresses who are working hard all day for tips don’t make enough to make ends meet. And the most of all, the time when you have to face the law and fight for your child with everything you got. Prime Lawyers have expressed care and solidarity with hard-working mothers fighting for the right to raise their child. Of course, it is obvious that the mother is obviously the one who’s always putting her neck out in a world that’s so discriminatory against women.

Problems of the life:

Some of the problems that don’t always come out and are often overlooked are the mental stress faced by a single mother. It is of no relevance to how she became a single parent. Once she took up that responsibility, everything changed. Now she’s not alone. Ever since a mother becomes pregnant with her child, she experiences the love and affection she grows to have for the unborn child inside her, known as motherhood. This, in turn, leads to a whole new world of responsibilities to her. Now she’s feeding two stomachs. Now she’s growing two minds. She’s saying things for two. She’s deciding for two. And any wrong turn can lead to chaos and ruin. For a single mom, every moment is questionable. Whether or not she did the right thing is a perpetual state of anxiety. And only mothers know how hard it is to find the time to cry silently in a room alone about the hard times they’re facing like not having enough rent money. Single mothers have to appear very strong. In front of the kids, a single mom is supposed to be an ideal personality.


Single mothers are the real superheroes of today. And showing that we care about them is just one of the ways we can actually help these superheroes in their jobs. A tribute of appreciation for all the mothers out there.

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