Transponder Key: What Is It and 3 Reasons to Have It

Misbah Akhtar

Transponder keys are devices that provide extra security for a vehicle and have been around for quite some time. The key has a small computer chip in it which communicates with the ignition in the car, reading it to ensure it is a match. The engine control unit (ECU) is used to send a coded message between the transponder and the ignition. Some people still don’t trust electronics, including devices like transponder keys, but having the right information might put their minds at ease. This article will address three reasons to have one of these keys in possession.

Transponder Key

Information about Transponder Keys

To put it in simple terms, a transponder key is a very simple-looking device that functions as a communication device between a car’s ignition and the key. The transponder key has been around since World War II and was used to identify planes that were friendly by way of radar. When a person needs a transponder key made, they can get a professional key maker or get services from Action Lock Doc, a locksmith in Texas. To help car owners feel more comfortable with transponder keys and help them want to purchase one if they don’t have one, the benefits of the transponders should be looked into.

Benefits of Having a Transponder Key

In addition to extra security that a transponder key provides, the key also provides convenience by allowing remote access into the vehicle. This is particularly good when wanting to hurry to unlock a door when the driver has groceries in his or her arm, or if it is raining outside. Some remote access keys also have an additional feature of allowing the driver to start the car from inside the house, a good feature to have when it is really cold outside. The remote access also comes equipped with a panic button which can help a person locate where the vehicle is in a crowded parking lot.

More Benefits of Having a Transponder Key

Another benefit of having a transponder key is that stealing the car will become more difficult by a would-be thief. Without the right coded key (the transponder), the car will not be able to be started, and even hot-wiring it has become more difficult. Duplicates can be made of many car keys, but unless the key has an RF transmitter, the key cannot start the car. A final benefit of having a transponder key is that it allows for central locking of the vehicle. In other words, all of the doors can be locked and unlocked simultaneously.

Final Thoughts about Transponder Keys

As cars become more complex, so will the transponder keys that are used to unlock them and operate them. It may be helpful for a person to keep up with the changing technology by paying attention to what car manufacturers are offering each model when it comes out. With the technology of cars that are now able to drive themselves, this will no doubt have to add extra security and electronics to the transponder keys that come with those type of vehicles. Transponder keys are always going to be more expensive than a regular key, due to the highly sophisticated technology that operates them. However, this makes the key worth the price that is paid.

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