Training Treats – A Faster Way to Foster Positive Behavior in Your Pooch

Kiran Singh
  • Are you trying to encourage your dog to act a certain way?
  • Is your dog unable to follow your instructions?

If you are facing any of these situations, you have come to the right place. No matter how stubborn your dog’s behaviour is, using dog treats during the process of training will allow you to teach your dog anything you want.

But for this to be a success, you’ll have to understand which rewards can help you with effective dog training. With so many options available in the market, it can be quite challenging initially. But no worries, this article will help you navigate the complexities easily.

But first, let’s understand why using rewards during training is beneficial.

It’s quite simple. Food is the biggest motivator for dogs, so using the right technique can help you develop good behaviour in your pooch.

Consider rewards as a paycheck for your dog. Imagine this. You’re working in a company, and you’re getting a salary for the amount of work you do. But what if your boss stops giving you paychecks? Will you continue? No, right! Dog treats act in a similar manner for your dog.

To ensure that your pet is listening to your commands during the initial phase of training, you’ll have to reward it with its favourite food items. This will motivate your dog to do things to earn its rewards.

Training Treats - A Faster Way to Foster Positive Behavior in Your Pooch

But what type of dog treats can help you train your dog?

Soft treats for smaller pups

If you’ve started training your little pup, that’s a really great decision. Because just like human children, puppies are also easy to teach good behaviour.

But for teaching a little puppy, soft dog treats, such as dry meatballs or chicken jerkies, are great to foster them towards good behaviour. Even biscuits can be fine, but your little pup may face trouble while finding the crumbled pieces on the floor.

So, reward your little pet with some easy to smell treats. It will make their learning easy as they’ll not have to spend much time finding the items you offered them.

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Go for nutritional offerings

It goes without saying that the right nutrition is necessary for your pooch’s growth. So, ensure that you’re offering the rewards that are enriched with proper nutrition. Giving them items that are great in taste but harmful for their health can put your dog in danger.

Your dog has specific dietary needs, so before picking up any packet of dog treats, don’t forget to look at the nutrition disclaimer backside. Choose to pick up the healthiest food items, such as chicken feet, dehydrated beef, and pork. These tasty rewards will fulfil the nutrition needs of your dog’s body, keeping them healthy and active and always ready for your commands.

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Note: Go for small treats

When it comes to making your dog obey your orders, opt for small treats that the dog can gulp instantly. Imagine giving your furry pal an entire bully stick every time it sits, shakes hands, stands, or jumps. Your pet will gain weight or will get sick.

So, please pick up a packet of chicken biscuits or dehydrated beef treats and break them into pieces. Every time your dog shows you a little effort, reward it with tiny dog treats without affecting its health. In fact, small treats will help you teach your dog more techniques.

These were the rewards you can offer to your pooch while teaching them new tricks. But which trick are you going to teach them first? Don’t know where to start? Let’s help you with that as well!

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Reinforce the behaviour of your pooch

Some people want to teach their pups basic etiquette, such as sitting silently and greeting when someone visits. If you too want to develop this good behaviour in your pet, here’s what you must do!

  1. Hold a small piece of treat (food item) in your hand.
  2. Move your hand slightly near to your pooch’s nose to let the pet know that you’ve got something delicious to eat.
  3. Move your hand slowly from their nose to forehead. They’ll follow your hand with their nose to get the food and will put their back on the floor.
  4. When their backend hits the floor, reward them with the treat while they’re sitting.
  5. Repeat the activity!!!! Repentance will make them understand that every time they obey you, they’ll get food to eat.
  6. After they become habitual, cut out the treat part and let them follow your instructions naturally.

Another trick you can teach your dog is to come to you when you call their name. What would be better than when you call your pet’s name, and it runs excitedly towards you and starts giving you those slithery kisses. Let’s see how you can teach your pup this technique.

  1. Sit on the level of your dog and call its name such as “Noddy! come here”
  2. Every time your dog responds, offer it a treat and repeat it till he/she starts responding to your call.
  3. Repeat the process but broaden the distance every time.
  4. Once the pup turns around its face, call their name from back and let them chase your voice.
  5. Once the dog starts recognizing its name, cut down the treat part and start petting them.
  6. Be sure coming to you should be fun for them, so lure them, praise them and offer them toys every time they head to you.

Aren’t these basic tricks easy to teach? Just stick to the schedule, and your dog will learn them in no time. When your dog starts recognizing the commands, you can cut out the number of rewards. This way, you won’t have to bribe them to obey your commands.

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Wrapping up

While starting your pooch training, it’s all about finding the right reward that your pet will love. The eateries you use in the teaching session can make a big difference in how successful the training will be.

In the above article, we have talked about many reward options available in the market. You can opt for the options as per your dog’s choices. Doing so will make the training session more fun and less exhausting for you and your pooch.

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