Tradition Vacuum vs. Central Vacuum: Let’s Compare

Misbah Akhtar

Want to breathe cleaner air? Worried your traditional vacuum cleaner might be leaving dust and debris in the air you breathe? Maybe it’s time to let a central vacuum system help you keep a clean home.

Traditional vacuums can be a real pain to use. They’re inconvenient; who likes to drag all of that equipment around? They’re noisy; why interrupt the kids’ homework routines? They’re smelly; what is that odor that’s left behind? They can even be costly; how many times have you upgraded your vacuum because they simply don’t work anymore?

central vacuum

But what about a central vacuum system? Are they really that much better? Let’s compare.

Reduce The Noise

In general, full-sized upright and canister vacuums range from about 69 to 80 decibels. That’s equivalent to a noisy restaurant or road. Studies show that being in an area for 8 hours at a decibel level of 80 can cause damage. And while you might not vacuum for a solid 8 hours at any given moment, what happens over time?

With those loud uprights, a person will have trouble watching television, talking on the phone, or sleeping. With a central vacuum, you’ll be amazed at how quiet they are. The main source of noise is the motor, which is located in the garage or basement. So the only noise you’ll hear in your room is the air flowing through the vacuum and the vacuum head itself. You’ll find everyone in your room can carry on with daily activities without interruption from your chores.

Easy To Use

Ever put off vacuuming because it’s such a pain to lug the equipment out? And once it’s out of the closet, it can be heavy lugging it all around.

Central vacuum systems eliminate all of that. You can say goodbye to hauling around a heavy canister or holding an upright to reach tough spots. With central vacuum accessories, you can clean every nook and cranny in your home, even those cobwebs that accumulate behind the refrigerator. You can be as effective and efficient every time you vacuum.

Stop Replacing

Most portable vacuums have to be replaced frequently. You can usually tell it’s time when the hair wraps around the brush system so tightly it barely works. And every time you go in search of the “better” system, the costs continue to creep up.

With a central vacuum system, you’ll have:

● No power cords or extension cords
● No recirculated dust particles that trigger allergies
● No filter troubles
● No bulky or off balance tricks trying to reach tight places

You’ll simply have a system that does its job every time.

Have Cleaner Air

With all of the chemicals and pollutants we use in our modern world, our air is dirtier than ever before. According to the World Health Organization, more than 90 percent of the population breathes in air that violates air quality guidelines.

And don’t think it’s not happening in your own backyard. About 38,000 deaths from diseases related to air pollution occur right here in the U.S. every year.

Staying inside might not help. According to the EPA, our homes are tighter and more efficient than ever before. But that’s not necessarily a good thing. If indoor pollutants are trapped in your home, they will never leave. They can circulate throughout your home and impact the air you breathe every moment you are there.

And in many cases, that traditional vacuum you’ve been using might be causing part of the problem.

The first thing central vacuum owners discover is how much cleaner the air is, especially if you have allergy sufferers in your home. A research study performed by UC Davis found that in all seven domains of evaluation—activity, sleep, non-nasal symptoms, practical problems, nasal symptoms, eye symptoms, and emotions—the use of a central vacuum proved to be superior at the removal of household dust.

The reason is simple: central vacuum systems remove more of the dust and debris that accumulates in your home. It doesn’t move it around as you lug around your portable vacuum. It moves it through the system, into the main power unit in your garage or basement, and exhausts it out of your home.


Have you ever tried to use your portable vacuum for different home projects? Like vacuuming out your vehicle after spilling something on the floor? It’s a pain trying to get it out into your garage or driveway. Sometimes even getting a long enough cord to the job can be difficult. Then try and reach every space with that short hose. Even the attachments become bulky and almost no good at all.

Long hoses and lots of accessories makes a central vacuum easy to use anywhere. And what you’ll love most of all is a central vacuum never stirs up the dust as you’ll find with brooms. Instead, the dust merely disappears.

But What About Installation?

Do you have an existing home? Worried you can’t install a system in your home without major renovation? It’s simply not true.

All it takes is creating a hole in the wall and covering it with an inlet backing plate. The pipes are usually fed through an attic, basement, or crawlspace. It’s really not that difficult at all.

Central Vacuum – A Smart Purchase

Are you ready for one of the smartest appliance investments you’ll ever make?

Central vacuums save you money over time because you won’t be upgrading your vacuum every few years. With regular maintenance, your central vacuum will be a part of your home for years to come. Central vacuum owners can usually go ten years or more before having to replace major accessories.

And if you decide to sell your home, it’ll be one more feature that gives your home more value over the next contender.

Are you ready for a central vacuum system in your home?

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