Top Gifts That Have That Personal Touch

Misbah Akhtar

It’s easy to get tired and jaded over the whole business of gift giving, especially when it seems like there are special occasions, birthdays and a dozen other reasons a month that compel you to race around the shops looking for the perfect card and present. Sensitive souls have been known to agonise for days afterwards about the item purchased. Is it what they would really like? Is it special enough? Did I spend too much? Or too little? No wonder by the time comes to hand over the present all the joy has gone, replaced with anxiety about the next round of frantic shopping and nail chewing that lies ahead.

Enough already! How about if there was a shortcut? A way to cut through the crowds, the deliberations and the time wasting, and spend just a few minutes choosing a thoughtful gift that screams ‘I have chosen this especially for you’. Great results, minimal effort, and entirely achievable.

Here’s the secret: choose gifts that have some form of personal touch to the recipient; it really is that simple.

Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

Monogrammed Items

Once viewed as something that belonged exclusively to the world of the rich and famous, these days monogrammed items are more mainstream. They can turn gifts into classic heirlooms, and people tend to perceive monogrammed gift items as extra special, reflecting the effort the buyer made to personalise the item.

Pretty much anything from a cup and saucer, parking sign, and chopping board, to bottles of alcohol, glasses, pens, pocket watches and cheese boards can be monogrammed, and there are hundreds of companies online who can supply these gifts directly to you.

Gift Items Featuring Special Photographs or favourite Quotes

There can be nothing more personal to someone than receiving a gift decorated with a meaningful picture. This type of gift is perfect for a wedding or welcome baby present, or for pretty much any other possession. Various items such as bedding, hot water bottle covers, suitcases, tea towels, keyrings, biscuit tins, jigsaws, phone cases and candles can be transformed into original gifts that will be treasured forever.


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Hampers with Luxury Food Items Chosen by You

Skip the usual generic box of chocolates from the supermarket and plump instead for a high class hamper gift. British Fine Foods make it easy for you to build your own luxury food hamper. The process is straightforward. Begin by selecting a basket, box or hamper sized according to the number of things you want to add, [from 6 to 16 items.] Allow plenty of time though, as with such a great choice of luscious top quality pies, cheeses, wines, sweet treats and fish to choose from this may take you a while!

Buying a thoughtful gift may take a little more time and effort than grabbing flowers from the petrol station, or the nearest bottle of wine to the supermarket entrance, but your reward is in making someone else feel truly special.

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