Tips For Spending Less On Driving Each Month

There are times where every mum will feel like a taxi driver constantly ferrying the kids around whether it is to and from school, visiting friends, clubs, seeing friends, days out and much more. On top of this, many parents spend a significant amount of time behind the wheel for themselves doing the shopping, going to work, etc. Keeping a car on the road certainly isnโ€™t cheap, and the majority of parents will spend vast sums of money each month on fuel, road tax, insurance, maintenance and various other running costs. So, how can you save money on driving each month to keep costs down?

Vehicle Choice

If you are spending far too much each month then you might want to consider a different vehicle. Smaller vehicles will have higher returns and be cheaper to insure, but you could also consider an electric car – these can be expensive to buy, but you will make huge savings in the long run due to zero road tax and no fuel costs.

Spending Less On Driving

Smart Driving

One way to reduce running costs is to alter your driving style so that you are more economical. Avoid harsh braking, fast acceleration and corners at high speeds for a smoother driving experience. Additionally, turning the engine off when sat in traffic can help you to make savings at the pumps.


Keeping the vehicle in good working order can help in terms of both fuel and service costs. Be sure to stick to the carโ€™s maintenance schedule and perform various tasks yourself, such as keeping the tyres inflated, changing the oil regularly, rotating the tyres and washing the car. Problems can occur at any moment, but you can reduce the likelihood of a fault by taking good care of the vehicle.

Alternative Transport

One of the most obvious (and effective) ways to reduce the amount that you spend on the vehicle is to cut down your mileage. Before grabbing the keys, always ask yourself if driving is an absolute necessity. In many cases it will be, but you could also find that there will be times where you could walk or cycle – in addition to lowering costs, this can also be a good form of exercise and more enjoyable.


Insurance is one of the major expenses when it comes to driving, but there are ways that you can reduce the amount that you pay. One option is to switch to Metromile Insurance States where you pay a base rate each month plus a per-mile rate. Metromile insurance states that it is a reward to those who drive less as you do not have to pay huge sums if you only use the vehicle for short journeys. Therefore, if you can reduce the amount that you use the car, then you could make big savings each month.

Driving is a big part of life for most mums, but you do not have to spend a fortune on driving each month with the above being a few ways that you can reduce your running costs.

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