Tips For Being A Stylish Mum At Any Age

Kiran Singh

Being a mum is a tough job. At the same time, you have to worry about aging and wondering if you’ve still got it. It’s a lot of pressure for one person to handle. That’s why it’s a good idea to take action early, before you feel stressed out.

Being fashionable is doable for anyone. All it takes is a little extra education and effort. Most mums like being trendy because it makes them feel good about themselves. There’s nothing wrong with a little self-confidence to get you through the day. See tips for being a stylish mum at any age.


Take a good look at what you’re driving around town. Ask yourself if it’s time to visit the BMW Edinburgh dealer and secure yourself a new ride. People notice what kind of car you drive and will take a double look if they see you pull up in a new BMW. Go ahead with the purchase and give them a topic to talk about. You’ll feel great and look great. You won’t mind running errands and taking the kids to football practice when you’re driving your brand-new car.


One way to come off looking stylish and put together is with your wardrobe. Start by cleaning out your wardrobe and seeing what you have and need to buy. Donate or get rid of the items you no longer wear or that are outdated. Schedule a shopping trip alone or with a friend and treat yourself to new clothes that make you feel good about yourself. Branch out a bit and explore new colours, patterns and prints that give you an edge. You’ll be excited to get dressed each day and are sure to get noticed when you’re out and about.

Hair & Nails

Do what’s easy and ask your hairdresser for a new hairstyle that you can wash and wear. Having kids doesn’t leave you much time for yourself. Getting you ready is last on your list. With your new hairstyle, you’ll be able to be out the door in a flash and still look your best. Add polish to your nails and you’ll feel like a rock star. Be sure to collect all of the season’s new colours. Changing up your colour often will make you feel like a new person each time.


Being a mum, you’re always on the go. This means you’re constantly carrying around a handbag. Instead of whining about it, buy yourself an attractive handbag that makes you feel happy each time you grab it. Let it be your statement piece regardless of what you’re wearing. Be prepared wherever you go and fill it with the kid’s goodies, makeup and lip gloss. Make it your go-to bag for items you need when you’re traveling around town.


Age doesn’t matter when you’re talking about being glamorous. What does matter is that you put in the effort and believe in yourself. These are tips for being a stylish mum at any age.

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