Tips for Applying Makeup in a Natural and Flattering Way

Misbah Akhtar

When it comes to makeup, less can definitely be more. Ideally, you want to apply makeup in way that enhances your features and complements your skin tone, but does not look like you are wearing a ton of product.

If you find that achieving this perfect cosmetics balance is difficult at times, check out the following tips and advice:

Find the perfect foundation

As makeup guru Charlotte Tilbury told Prima, if your skin looks too orange, pink or gray, chances are good you are wearing the wrong foundation. Check your foundation in natural daylight, and put a small amount of the product on your jaw line or neck. If it blends in seamlessly and you cannot see it, your foundation is a winner. If it’s very obvious, it’s time to switch to a more natural colour.

For example, Amway sells a wide selection of Artistry makeup products that are silky and light and mimic the look and feel of real skin. To help set your foundation, you might want to try the Artistry Exact Fit Perfecting Loose Powder; it comes in a variety of shades and helps control oil and shine while preserving the natural look of your skin.

Use a light touch when applying blusher

To add some subtle and natural glow to your cheeks, Bobbi Brown suggests applying a bit of blush to the apples of your cheeks, and blending the colour toward your hairline and then downward on your face.

If you wish, you can follow up with a light touch of bronzer where the sun naturally hits your face first — the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Add a smidge more to your neck and ears for a natural, yet sun-kissed look.

For the lips, match your natural skin tone

Nothing screams “makeup” like a bright red lipstick. Although it can be fun to wear super-bright lipstick colours at parties and special events, achieving a more natural lip look means paying attention to your own colouring. Bobbi Brown suggests choosing a lipstick one or two shades darker or brighter than your natural colour. If you wish, you can line your lips with a lip pencil that is the same shade as the lipstick.

Apply the lipstick sparingly, and if you wish, use your finger to push it into your lips; this helps the colour adhere to your skin and prevent constant touch-ups.

While many women adore lip glosses because they are easy to apply and come in a variety of great colours, their inherent shiny-ness results in a less-than-natural look.

Don’t forget your eyebrows

To help you look as polished as possible, spend some time on your eyebrows. However, you don’t need to use a heavy hand and lots of pencil to define the brows.

For natural-looking brows that still look amazing, tweeze any stray hairs from between the brow and natural brow line. Then, use a powder eye shadow that matches your brows’ colour to fill them in. This approach enhances the look of your eyebrows in a subtle way.

Finish off with some mascara

Mascara, when applied correctly, enhances the look of your eyes. Like other types of makeup, the key is learning when to stop adding more.

Start by using an eyelash curler, and then apply one coat to the top and bottom lashes. For the colour, most makeup artists suggest either a brown-black or black. Finally, if you wish, add a second coat to the top lashes only.

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