Tightening Your Skin with Infrared Lasers

Misbah Akhtar

Infrared laser treatments are often known by the industry name “Titan” treatments. Although there are some laser treatments that do focus on more significantly sagging skin, infrared lasers are most often used to treat smaller sagging areas before they get out of control. They are often used for post-pregnancy stomach treatments or treatment of minor sags under the arms that sometimes come with age.

Infrared lasers can also be used to treat the neck and face. So, if you suffer from wrinkles and sags on your neck or face, infrared treatment might be a better option before you consider a face lift. After all, Titan procedures are not as invasive as surgery.

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How the Laser Industry Keeps Evolving

The question of how to tighten sagging skin is timeless. For as long as people have existed, so have wrinkles and skin sags. But in recent history technology has given us many great options to fight back against those skin problems.
One of those options is to treat that sagging skin with skincare laser machines. Lasers have been around for decades, but they have consistently evolved throughout the years. Titan treatments have been part of the laser procedure family for a while now, and there’s good reason for that. They are very effective and come with very few risks.

How Infrared Laser Treatments Tighten Skin

Like many other laser types, infrared laser treatments have one primary focus, which is to strengthen collagen. Collagen is what helps to keep skin cells from becoming loose. Sagging starts to occur whenever collagen is lost through aging or illness. Although, it can also occur simply because you have lost a lot of weight too quickly and your body’s restorative processes can’t keep up with the change. Infrared laser treatments work to raise the temperature inside your skin cells, which causes collagen that is still there to want to squeeze together. Simultaneously, your body will think it is being attacked and produce more collagen to help fix your cells.

How to Prepare for an Infrared Laser Appointment

If you decide to go in for an infrared laser appointment then you will have to schedule a consultation first. Your laser technician will talk to you during the consultation about things you have to do ahead of time to prepare for it. For example, you can’t wear any perfumes or sprays on the appointment day. You also can’t drink alcohol or take certain medications leading up to your appointment. You should be given a written instruction list to take home that will help you prepare.

What to Do When You Go Home After Laser Therapy

There isn’t much that you have to do after having an infrared laser treatment. It is an outpatient procedure that takes very little time. In general, you can resume your daily activities from the point that you walk out of the clinic. However, you should call the clinic right away if you notice excessive swelling, blisters, or pain after you get home.

The most important thing to remember about infrared laser treatment is that it comes with no long-term commitments. While it can take a few treatments to get the results that you expect, you can also choose to explore other options at any point, if you decide that you don’t like it. However, even with the knowledge that you can opt out at any time, you shouldn’t have a treatment in the first place until you talk to your local clinic and familiarize yourself with all of the ins and outs of the process.

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