Three Fun New Ways To Serve Meatballs

Meatballs can be a great way to make cost-effective meaty dishes that can be as spicy and flavorful as you like, and you can mix up your ingredients to make different flavours and use different types of meat. You can make meatballs quite quickly at home, and they are also something that is easy to freeze if you like to cook in bulk and have stuff that you can prepare very quickly for a nutritious and tasty snack or meal. Meatballs are served all over the world in different traditional ways, so whether you like the Swedish-style, the Italian-style, or to experiment with new ways of serving them, there are always interesting ways to eat them. Here we are going to take a look at some new ways of serving meatballs that you may not have tried yet.

Serve Meatballs

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Use Them As A Pizza Topping!

One way to use meatballs is to have them as a topping on your favourite pizza base. Italian-style meatballs with herby flavours can be really good for this, but you can also use Mexican spiced meatballs with a spicy pizza sauce to create a delicious Tex-Mex-style pizza. If you are making meatballs specifically to put on a pizza, it can be better to make smaller balls than you would if you were going to serve them in other ways, but if you have pre-made meatballs that you want to use as a pizza topping then it can be a good idea to slice them in half so that they stay on the pizza better. Meatballs can be used on any type of pizza to make a tasty topping, so whether you like the thin crispy Italian-style base, or you prefer a deep dish pizza, meatballs will always be a good addition. Pair them with onions and peppers if you want some extra flavour.

Make A Hearty Meatball Soup

Another way to use meatballs that you have prepared in advance or frozen is to put them in a warming soup. If you have spicy meatballs, then a great way to use them is to make a Mexican Bean-style soup and simply add the meatballs to give it some more body and some extra protein. Italian-style vegetable soups can also be a good base to use with your meatballs.

Serve Them As Hors D’Oeuvres

Meatballs can also make a quick and easy thing to serve to guests or as a pre-dinner snack. Simply lay them out on an attractive serving dish and use cocktail sticks to eat the meatballs. This can be a good way to prepare something to have as a snack when people arrive at a summer barbecue.

These are just three interesting new ways that you can use meatballs, allowing you to make cheap and delicious meals and attractive party snacks everyone will love.

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