The Many Roles A Maid of Honour Has to Play

Misbah Akhtar

Being asked to be the ‘maid-of-honour’ for your best friend’s wedding is quite a special feeling, isn’t it? Not only does it show how great your friendship is, but it also reflects how strongly the bride-to-be trusts you.

While being the bride’s go-to person for her big day is quite exhilarating, it’s not all fun and games and hen weekends. From wedding planning to be her support system, there are so many roles a maid-of-honour has to play before, during and after the wedding ceremonies to ensure that your friend’s big day is special and memorable in every way, and your friendship is stronger than ever.

  1. Helping the Bride Pick her Perfect Wedding Dress

Choosing a wedding dress is one of the most important and stressful activities for wedding planning. A bride may get overwhelmed by the wide array of options- from silhouettes to styles.
Being her support system during wedding dress shopping is important so that she says yes to the perfect dress. You can add fun to the stressful event by opening up a bottle of champagne at the bridal salon while the bride-to-be slips into the wedding dresses.

  1. Planning a Memorable Hen Party

Celebrate the last night of your friend’s freedom by throwing her a memorable hen party. However, keep the bride and the other bridesmaids in the loop when it comes to planning the hen do. Also, ensure that you don’t go overboard on the budget. Not everyone may be able to afford a foreign weekend getaway.
Once you have rounded up on a theme and have the plan laid out, spread the word, but make sure to run the guest list through the bride-to-be before inviting everybody. It is her special day after all.

  1. Being the Right-Hand Person for Wedding Planning

The bride may need your assistance in planning the wedding and finalizing on essential elements- from wedding cake and catering services to decor or the reception playlist. Helping her come up to a decision is the prime duty of the maid-of-honour.
It is important to note that you don’t push your opinion or choices, rather, understand the bride’s taste and style and guide her accordingly.
Also, keep a handy list of all important vendors with you at all times to ensure everything goes seamlessly on the wedding day.

  1. Stock Up all Emergency Essentials on the Big Day

Wedding Day can see any number of crises. Stocking up on essentials is important to not let things get out of hand. The bride’s new shoes pinch her even before she walks down the aisle? Be the girl who has band-aids in her purse. Is a bridesmaid having hair crisis? You’ve got it! You have hair appliances in your bag.
Keep a stash of most big day essentials- bobby pins, medical kit, tissues, cloth pins etc. with yourself to avert any emergency that is bound to come up on the wedding day.

  1. Keep the Groom’s Ring Safe and Guard it with your Life

You know how in movies the bride and the groom exchange beautiful vows, everyone in attendance has kerchiefs out and then comes the time to exchange the wedding bands. And the maid of honour or the best man suddenly realize they seem to have lost the ring, or the ring slips right out of their buttery fingers? Makes for a dramatic, even comical moment on a movie screen, but not so much in reality!
Not only does it ruin a perfect moment the newlyweds have been planning for months, but it also makes you look bad and irresponsible as the bride’s go-to person.
Make sure you keep the ring safe and with you at all times. You could wear it on your thumb so that you can keep a check on it at all times. But no matter what, don’t leave the bridal suite without the groom’s ring.


Being a maid of honour can be taxing, even stressful, but it is well worth it once you see your friend walk up the aisle in the dress you helped her pick, smiling and exchanging vows with the love of her life, and ever ready to start a new chapter of her life. And none of it would be possible if you had not done your job of being the maid of honour really well.

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