The importance of Me-Time

Misbah Akhtar

It is common for many mums to struggle with the concept of ‘me time’ as they find it difficult to break away from the many responsibilities of motherhood. Yet, taking time-out to solely concentrate on your own needs will reinvigorate and re-energise you.

If you do get a few moments to yourself, don’t take it as an opportunity to catch up on household chores. A quiet moment of sorting socks and folding underpants does not constitute relaxation! You must switch off entirely, as mums need to be cared for and pampered just like everyone else!

Mums must maintain their own sense of identity, which can easily get lost amid all the other roles and responsibilities we live up to. Not only does it give you a sense of purpose but you will have something else to talk about with your partner and friends other than the children and work!

‘Me time’ does not have to be expensive nor extremely time consuming but it should be something you enjoy doing that gives you a real boost. Some great ‘me time’ moments include:

– A catch-up with friends
– A relaxing bubble bath
– A hobby such as swimming or walking
– A new interest or college course
– A session at your local beauty salon
– A hair appointment
– A weekend away with your partner or friends

Taking time-out and enjoying ‘me time’ can create a feeling of guilt. However you must not fall into this trap. Your entire family – your partner and children – will all benefit if you are happier. And, when you return to the fold with a refreshed outlook, you will truly appreciate everything you have in your life.

‘Me time’ will boost your energy levels and increase your self-confidence. If you find it difficult to initially organise something for yourself, schedule time-out into your diary. That way you have put aside time to focus on yourself rather than everything else you have to do.

Essentially ‘me time’ should not be deemed indulgent or selfish. Instead it should be considered a vital part of your general well-being. A happier, contented woman will always make a fun loving mum, which benefits all the family. So, give it a go and see your energy and confidence levels soar!

By Empowering Mums

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