The growth of mummy fashion blogs

Misbah Akhtar

Among the most popular of bloggers are mothers who write fashion blogs including those about wedding trends but it appears a new trend is appearing – which also gives them the amazing opportunity to travel the world; attending Paris, N.Y. & London Fashion Week – and not to forget; there are certain tax benefits if working abroad

There is now a new wave of fashion blogs for pregnant fashionistas which is being described as a third wave of mummy bloggers.

Mummy Fashion Blogs

According to one major American newspaper, mummy bloggers initially wrote about their child’s development and kept family and friends up-to-date with their child’s development.

The next wave of mummy bloggers was those who offered confessional soapboxes by tackling issues such as postnatal depression and embarrassing incidents.

Write enthusiastically about designer wedding dresses

So along with mummy bloggers who may write enthusiastically about designer wedding dresses in London, there is now a trend for writing about fashion for pregnant women who don’t want to lose touch with the latest offerings.

Indeed, the photo shoots that some of these websites are opting to use would not look out of place with the major fashion magazines and feature the latest trends suitable for pregnant and mothers of young children.

Some of the blogs feature famous actresses and celebrities as well as the wives of famous fashion designersin glamorous surroundings and wearing the latest trends. Some of the fashions featured are aimed exclusively at pregnant women and some of the photo shoots feature young mums and their children in similar, ‘mini-me’ clothes.

In addition to the fashion, the blogs and websites also feature make-up tutorials, work out regimes and features on accessories and underwear.

Advice on the best designer evening dresses

The world of mummy blogging is a competitive one and one major UK website has more than 4,000 bloggers in its network offering young mums advice and information ranging from baby caring skills to how to bake the perfect birthday cake as well as offering advice on the best designer evening dresses.

However, even among this network of bloggers it appears that there is an audience of women wanting to know more about fashion and make-up and the website regularly offers a best of its blogs on these topics.

The people behind it point to American fashion blogs that are more aspirational in their style with images of stylish mums and children whereas the British trend for fashion blogging is to be more realistic and grounded.

For many readers, these mummy blogs bring the latest tips and trends for fashion and prove useful for those who enjoy the fashion world and still want to look good.

It appears that these new third wave of bloggers are here to stay and will grow in popularity which means there will be more variety in blogs which will include the classic and photogenic photo shoots being enjoyed in America as well as offering tips on where to find the best bridal shop in London and what to choose as evening wear.

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