The dangers of drop-side cribs

For nearly a decade now, drop-side cribs have been banned in America. But there are still quite a few in circulation and they are available in other countries. The fact that they are still selling is an indication to me that a lot of parents are not yet aware that these baby cribs can be so dangerous. A fact that has led me to write this article.

The dangers of drop-side cribs

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What is the problem?

Drop-side cribs have been used in America and many other countries for decades. Being able to drop the side made it far easier to get your child in and out. Over the decades, many parents have been thankful for this. 

So, it comes as a huge surprise to many people to learn that they are in fact dangerous. They really are. When the authorities collated the data, from 2000 to 2010, 32 infants had died in them.

The risk of suffocation

The vast majority of these cases occurred when babies became caught between the crib sides and the mattress. Sadly, they were smothered and died. 

The heightened danger caused by the side coming loose

Should the drop-side become partially detached, the chances of a serious accident happening are heightened even more. When that happens, the gap between the mattress and the side of the crib becomes even bigger. Making it far more likely that your baby could slip into the gap. 

Old cribs are potentially even more dangerous

When a crib has been taken apart and put together again several times, the chances of it being damaged or misassembled are quite high. So, the risk of the side coming away from the mattress side is considerable.

Considering the above, it is not surprising that the US government banned the manufacture and sale of drop-side cribs from 28th June 2011. So, it is now

illegal for someone to make one for their child and they should not be sold second hand either. 

If you still have one in your family, it is probably best to destroy it. That way there is no risk that someone from a future generation who is not aware of the danger will use it. If you feel you cannot do that, you should fit some form of immobilizer that ensures that the sides cannot be dropped.

Should you see one in use in hotels or motels you should report it to the state authorities. You never know, your actions could save a life.

If you need to buy a new crib, click here to read the full safety guidelines that the US government has come up with. They are actually a good guide of what to look for regardless of where you live in the world.

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