The Best Steps to the Proper Care of Your Facial Skin

Misbah Akhtar

While you can probably find a whole array of tips on how to take the best care of your skin – for instance, following a set routine, going for a 12-step process, adhering to a certain diet and lifestyle, and the like – they all come down to the same thing: the basics of skincare. The basics of skincare simply mean following some common sense rules when it comes to caring for your skin and making it healthier and clearer and more appealing in the process. Do you really need to follow a strict, 12-step procedure just to have your skin looking better? It doesn’t have to be too tedious, mind you. All you have to do is keep the basics in mind – and find the right products to boot. Here, then, are the best steps to the proper care of your facial skin.

The Best Steps to the Proper Care of Your Facial Skin

Step 1: cleansing

Thorough cleansing is essential, and any dermatologist or skin specialist will readily agree that it’s the first and most basic step to proper skin care. With proper cleansing, you can effectively remove all the gunk your skin tends to accumulate throughout the day – from makeup to grease to pollution – and you can cleanse and clear out your pores and allow them to breathe. When you look for a cleanser for your facial skin, look for one that’s gentle and comes with the proper pH balance as well.

Step 2: toning

Nowadays, more of us are conscious of using the proper products with the right balance. But while we’re so careful with pH balance, we tend to neglect another essential step in proper skincare: toning. A proper toner will not just balance the pH levels of your skin – it can also help minimise the appearance of pores and help dark spots fade. Along with this, it can give your skin the hydration it needs. If you’d like to reduce the appearance of pores and hydrate your skin, look for a toner that your skin can easily absorb, and that can also inhibit the production of melatonin, giving your facial skin a smoother look and a healthy glow.

Step 3: treating

While it’s all well and good to follow the standard cleanse then tone routine, you can also make use of particular products that help you deal with more particular issues. You can take advantage of a serum, for instance, or a facial mask or ampule to tackle various problems with the skin, such as ageing skin. SkinCeuticals is one brand that has an array of popular skincare products for a specific treatment that is loaded with essential ingredients like antioxidants and you can simply choose from its range of serums, creams, and masks.

Step 4: moisturising

Moisturising your skin is also an essential step towards better and suppler skin, and whilst moisturisers may not be a requirement for some, it can still bring plenty of benefits to those who need them. A good moisturiser can prevent your skin from becoming dehydrated and drying out, and when you have properly-moisturised skin, it will look firmer and plumper, too. Look for a moisturiser with ingredients that can act as emollients, occlusives, and humectants. Humectants can get moisture onto the skin’s surface, whilst emollients can add moisture directly to the skin. Occlusives, on the other hand, can develop a barrier to prevent the loss of moisture.


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