Sustainable Women’s Fashion Tips in Upcycling

Misbah Akhtar

Being socially aware of the environmental impact that fast fashion brings is at an incline, which is why we are witnessing many people acting with greater accountability. The fashion industry is responsible for a lot of pollution that targets not just the land, but also water bodies. It adversely impacts the reef health and endangered species due to non-biodegradable materials.


While many fabrics can be recycled, mass production of fast fashion clothes using cheap labor also affects human rights, as the people are made to work in unfavorable conditions. Most of these sweatshop laborers are women, and oftentimes children who are subject to cruelty apart from being given a meagre compensation.


While there are loopholes that are open to being exploited by huge fashion corporations, there are several things in your control that can help reduce the demand for fast fashion. The other contribution you can make to the environment is by reducing your carbon footprint, and the method we’re going to talk about addresses both of these steps in the right direction.

Upcycling for Sustainable Fashion

Upcycling has always been around in our society, especially among the middle class. However, now it has taken a more upscale and high-end approach with growing awareness, and we’re all for it! In a nutshell, upcycling refers to using your old clothes to turn it into something of use once it goes out of fashion, or if you’re not fond of it anymore. For instance, pieces of old shirts and tees can be used to make a patched quilt that can be a fun activity to do with your children.

If you’re looking for more sustainable women’s fashion upcycling ideas, we’ve got your back. Take a look at the ones mentioned below for some artistic inspiration and let your creativity guide your path!


  • Turn old sweaters into decorative pillow covers.
  • Use a t-shirt to make a grocery or cloth bag.
  • Make a braided belt using an old t-shirt.
  • Create a pretty winter scarf with a sweater.
  • Make a repurposed apron using your old jeans.
  • Craft a beautiful and super absorbent rug using old denim.
  • Make a plush pet bed with your old sweaters.
  • Catnip chew toys with old fabrics or pieces of cloth.
  • Turn old expensive materials into pretty dresses, crop tops, and skirts.


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As mothers, we understand the effort it takes to earn a living and the hardships that only women understand. In an industry that majorly caters to women, it is surprising that the victims of such practices are also women.


The best part of trying these ideas out is that they are free of cost and require minimal materials such as needles, thread, some glue, and a pair of scissors. You can turn to upcycle into a fun activity for yourself to keep busy during boring days and show off your skills on social media. Better yet, involve the kids and help them learn the benefits of sustainable living early on so that they can lead by example. It’s not just a cool lifestyle to follow, but it also helps you refresh your home and wardrobe uniquely all the time!

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