Supporting Your Mother Through Menopause? Here’s How

Misbah Akhtar

Supporting Your Mother Through Menopause? Here’s How

Moms are love. They take care of us, cook for us and nurture us to be our best selves. But they seldom demand anything in return. The least we can do is to take care of them when they long for it.


Do you remember the time when your mother helped you through the initial phases of menstruation? She told you all about how to deal with mood swings, cravings and how to take care of your skin whenever you get your periods. And now, when she is experiencing symptoms of menopause, it’s time to return the favor.


According to medical professionals, the support of a family during such a hard time can act as a huge comfort. But many family members refrain from addressing the condition. They think that it’s something that women can’t do anything about.


Well, that’s true, but having someone who supports you during such times can help in easing the pain. So, here are some tips that can help you support your mother through menopause.


  • Educate yourself about menopause as much as you can


It is a well-known fact that education is the key to deal with any medical issue. And to be very honest, before you go and help your mother through such a phase, you have to make sure you are doing everything right. Make sure you learn everything about the changes your mother is going through.


You’ll get to know why she has mood swings, sleep problems, hot flashes, gaining weight, or having dry skin lately. The best part of understanding these things is that it’ll prevent you from asking questions such as “Mom, why is your hair thinning?” or “You seem a little moody these days.” These things can end up making your mom feel self-conscious, and that’s the last thing she wants right now.


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  • Learn how to communicate properly


You should know that once you start talking about menopause to your mom, she is automatically going to feel better. This shows that someone is there who understands her situation, and she can actually convey what she is feeling lately.


Tell her about the best things she or you can do that’ll make her feel better. Educate her about menopause wellness and tell her what supplement or skincare routine can help her ease the process. Who knows, your suggestions might do wonders for your mommy. Just make sure that you are patient while talking to your mother. There could be times when some things might end up triggering her emotionally. Don’t be all “strong and silent” types. Open up to your mom, and she’ll definitely thank you for it.


  • Get healthy together


While supporting your mom through menopause, you also need to prioritize her health. The healthier she is, the more she is going to feel good about herself. But don’t sit on the side bench while she exercises. Participate in her exercising routine and motivate her to do better each day.


Encourage her to take a healthy diet and eat the same with her so that she feels she isn’t the sick one in the house. Not to mention that you might even end up getting in shape alongside your mom. That’s cool. Right?


Final words,

Family is all about staying together and helping each other through tough times. Your mom needs you now more than ever. So, help and support your mom through menopause, and she’ll have the best “Mother’s day” gift ever.






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