Super Cute Wallpaper Ideas For Your Home

Misbah Akhtar

Want to design a cute room for your young one? Or wish to impress your better half with your cuteness? Look no further.

In this article, we have picked up some super cute wallpaper ideas for your home. have a look at these easy wallpaper peel and stick ideas.

Ombre Wallpaper With Solid Surroundings

Wall gradation is not new, but it looks as cute as it looked yesteryear and a year before. Pair it up with solid surroundings, and you have the perfect ever statement for your bedroom.

Pick up an ombre wallpaper for walls you wish to add the statement to. You can then put up your heirlooms to showcase. Or you can even put up your sweet memories.

Make sure you keep the other walls in contrasting colours. For instance, if you’re choosing a blue-ish hue for your accent wall. Go for yellow or beige on your other walls. You can even go for lemon-yellow if you like a little brightness in your room.

Choose Florals With Polka Dots

Flowers are one of the cutest gifts that you can get for your other half. But, of course, they won’t last forever, or even a few weeks for that matter, unless you’re getting her faux ones.

Jokes apart, florals are pretty fabulous as an option for your accent walls. And for all the other partitions, you can go for polka dots. You can even choose to wallpaper two of your opposite walls with the same pattern or design.

You’d know that polka dots are preferably chosen in black and whites. Make sure your florals are also in sync with your polka dots. Unlike other statement wallpaper schemes, when you decide to place two textures within a single room, it is better to keep them in sync rather than contrast.

Super Cute Wallpaper Ideas For Your Home

Bohemian Textures To Add A Pop

For a relatively carefree colour scheme, you can go for Bohemian Textures. Choose bright and loud colours from all you like. Well, that’s the beauty of Boho art. It’s bold yet cute. And not to mention, when paired with bright colours, they can add a lot of pop to your room.

You can place this combo anywhere from your bedroom to your kid’s room and even the common areas in your home. Match up with light curtains in pastel shades and minimalistic furniture.

For your bedroom, pick out a boho wallpaper peel and stick it to the wall behind your bed. You can put it up on any of the walls that you wish to bring attention to for other rooms.

Geometric Arches And The Lightroom

For a rather simplistic look, but yet keeping neutral in all senses, pick up geometric arches. The design is mostly linear, but do not confuse it with stripes or crosses. Geometric arches are best suited for your home office space.

Pair it up with light and achromatic shades. This should help keep the room bright and cool at the same time.

You can add industrial furniture to complete the look. Cute, bold, yet straightforward in every aspect.

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