Super Cleaning Hacks For Pregnancy

Even though we are built for it, pregnancy makes absolutely everything in life so much harder! Walking seems to exhaust us even before the bump starts taking shape. Running quickly becomes the impossible dream! The one thing you absolutely have to do no matter how big you get is the cleaning. But with so many warnings and worrying stories in the press, how can us girls get the jobs done without injury or harm to our unborn babies? Here are few tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years.

Vacuuming – Balance is key here, so try vacuuming while sat on a chair. Alternatively, try a robot vacuum to get to those awkward, under-furniture places.

Cobwebs – If your chest is sore, the last thing you need is to be stretching your arms up to reach the ceiling with a duster. Invest in a telescopic duster pole. That way your arms are comfortable, but you can still reach the ceiling. The same goes with window cleaning. Using longer poles increases your reach without you adding any effort to the task. You can even buy window care that is eco friendly, so your easy cleaning is less impactful on the environment too.

Mopping – With so many steam mops on the market now, there is no need to get on your hands and knees to scrub the floor. They are also very lightweight, making them very easy to use no matter what size you become! Because they don’t use any cleaning fluids, they cannot cause harm to your unborn baby either.

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Cat litter trays – These are the one thing you must not handle while pregnant. The cat mess can harm your unborn child. Instead, opt for a self-cleaning tray, and leave the big empty to your other half. If it’s not appropriate for your cats to go in the garden, then think about installing the tray in a cupboard. This keeps it away from crawling babies too.

Laundry – Now could be the ideal time to invest in a tumble dryer. It saves you the back aching task of hanging everything on an airer. You will also find that the vast majority of baby and children’s wear can be tumble dried. To make the task even easier, invest in an extra laundry basket, so you’ve always got an empty one spare. Keep a step next to the machine to sit on for loading and unloading floor standing machines easily. Tumble drying also makes light work of the ironing, which should also be done seated.

Cleaning Hacks

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Cooking – There are several stages during pregnancy where you have no energy to stand and prepare food. On those rare occasions when you can manage, prepare your ingredients sat at the kitchen table. Have several empty Tupperware type containers to hand to store the chopped bits. Always make double or even triple portions. You can freeze your excess cooked meals ready to microwave next time you’re really tired. This dramatically reduces the washing up needed for each meal too!

Life needs to be taken at a slower pace when you are pregnant. Not only are you bigger, but your reactions slow down as well. Take it easy to avoid tiredness and injury.

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