Styling Ideas To Take Your Existing Wardrobe To A Whole New Level

Misbah Akhtar

“Fashion is what you buy, and styling is what you do with it.” – Nicky Hilton.

Looking presentable is not about wearing expensive and trendy clothes. On the contrary, it is more about carrying yourself and feeling confident in what you wear. You might have seen many celebrities and influencers looking fabulous even in simple tees and jeans.


Because they feel comfortable and confident. That means you need not spend your pocket money or earnings to purchase new outfits, especially for a sudden occasion. You can look stunning even with the attires you already have in your wardrobe.

Seems unbelievable? Well, it is surely not. Scroll down to learn how you can do it!


Go Bold With Bralette

Who said you need to cover your voguish bralette collection with a top? In fact, there are numerous ways you can style your bralette and create a nice outfit. For instance, you can wear a loose tank top and shorts with a bralette for an easy-breezy look. Or, you can pair your pencil skirt with a bralette and use a blazer for a bold and dominating look.

If you own a knitted top that you never got an opportunity to flaunt, you can pair it with a bralette and ripped jeans. It will surely make the head turn.


Go Trendy With Belt

Accessories can make every outfit look trendy. However, when it comes to accessories, people tend to forget about belts. Believe it or not, but belts are an underrated gem of accessories. Using belts over your dresses can instantly spice up the whole look.

You can wear them over the cardigans, with bodycon dresses, skirts, and tall pants. Moreover, you can also use your chain accessories like belts. It will not require much effort, just add a belt to any of the outfits, and you are good to go.


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Go Classic With All Black

When you are in a hurry, you can never go wrong with a black outfit. Add a bunch of accessories like rings, pendants, or bracelets (preferably golden), and apply minimal makeup; wear ankle boots, and you’ll look very classic.

In case you don’t want to go with all black, you can try the black and white combination. Or, you can wear a dress and add a black blazer over it. Remember that the main focus is on the beauty of black, so other elements should be basic, a.k.a., don’t get overboard.


Go Cozy With Knitwear

There are times when you might get bored with your regular winter clothes and miss your summer and beach days. What if we tell you that you can use your knitwear to create a summery yet cozy look. For instance, you can layer it over a dress or oversized shirt. Likewise, you can pair a knitted cardigan with shorts for a cosy and cute look. Also, you can keep a simple look by tucking in the knit top with high-waisted jeans or wearing a sweater vest.

This outfit is perfect for the evenings and rainy days. Along with looking beautiful, you’ll stay warm. So, you should get your knitwear out of the closet and give it a try.


Go Fancy With Print and Textures

Print and textures can never go out of style. Moreover, every person has at least one printed or textured shirt in their wardrobe. So, it is time for you to grab that shirt and create a fancy outfit. You can do this by pairing a shirt with denim shorts with some funky jewellery. Or, you can also tie it in a crop top or layer it under a plain summer dress.

There are numerous ways you can wear the same shirt in different ways. You just need to find the style you are comfortable with.


Go Chic With Long Skirts

Long skirts are back in fashion, and it looks like it is here to stay. Skirts are comfortable, and you can create countless looks with them. For example, you can wear a long skirt as a strapless dress and add a belt over it. Similarly, you can create an old-school look by wearing a plain t-shirt with a skirt.

To make these look chicer, you can wear sneakers and eye makeup. It will ensure that you stay comfortable yet adorable.


Go Hip-Hop With Oversized

If clothes that could define utmost comfort, it would definitely be oversized. If you don’t have oversized clothes, you can always sneak a few of your father’s or sibling’s clothes. It’s a great way to expand your wardrobe.

Nonetheless, you can wear hoodies, t-shirts, or shirts with ripped jeans. To add the element of Hip-Hop, you can add chain accessories and go with little loud and messy makeup. However, if you don’t know how to do makeup, you can just apply loads of mascara, and that’s all.

In addition to this, you can also style oversized with a knitted vest, knee socks, and sneakers. It’s an effortless way to look stunning.


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Go Sophisticated With Matching Set

Matching sets create a bossy and sophisticated vibe, and the best part is that it takes only a few minutes. To upgrade this look, you can apply a bit of lip tint on your lips and cheeks, wear dangling earrings, and carry a nice purse.

But what if you don’t have a matching set? Well, in that case, you can create one yourself. The easiest way to do so is to find a crop top. You can match the top with black denim or a platter skirt. Black is a universal colour and works with everything.


Go Vibrant With Neon

Some people really like to experiment with their styling. And there is a high probability that these people have a neon outfit. If you also own something neon, you can experiment with it. For example, wear a neon green top with white jeans. To accentuate the look, you can paint your nails the same colour.

Likewise, you can also pair two neon colours together and create a mix and match style. It’ll surely leave people amazed.


To Sum It All Up!

Being stylish is more about your personality than clothes. If you have a captivating charm, then you don’t need to rely on expensive clothes and jewellery. Nonetheless, with the tips mentioned above, you can easily create numerous “running late” looks and rock them all!



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