Soothe a cranky newborn with these tried and tested ways

Misbah Akhtar

It is an enthralling experience for newbie parents when they hear their baby cry for the first time. It’s the symbol that your sweet little pie has entered this beautiful world. But as time passes, this thrill can quickly turn into frustration. Confused?

With time, you will learn that these infants cry a lot. There could be numerous reasons for that. For instance – the baby might be feeling hungry or tired, to name a few. Figuring out why your little munchkin is making all the fuss is supreme. Only then can you develop the technique to soothe him. Let’s face it: no single particular method works well for all infants. But there are some tested ideas that will make your cranky kid a lot better.

Before moving to these ideas, let’s know in detail the reasons for the crankiness in toddlers.

It is the question that parents have been asking for centuries: Why is my baby crying? And we are here to help you with that. Possible reasons could be –

Hunger – The foremost possible reason could be hunger. The signs through which you can determine whether your toddler is hungry or not includes lip-smacking, sighing or whimpering, bringing hands or fists to the mouth and some more. So, if your little honey bunny is showing any of these signs, it is time for their feed.

Gas – Newborns can’t be given any solid food item to eat. Hence they rely on liquids. And consuming a lot of liquid traps the air in the baby’s belly. This makes them cranky and fussy. To get rid of this, ensure to burp your infant after every feed by gently patting on their back. This will make them free from the gas.


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Boredom – Surprised? Yes, babies do feel tired or bored when they have to sit at the same place for long hours. To deal with their boredom, sway them up in the glider, take them near the window. Or simply just hold them and walk around the home.

These are some of the possible reasons. But what if the situation is going out of hand? Let’s determine when to seek the help of a professional.

Note: If nothing seems to work out, go with the advice of the experts. A call to an Early Sleep Consulting professional could do wonders for you. They not only resolve the issues of cranky infants but also help in shaping the perfect sleep patterns for your babies.

Meanwhile, you can try some ways to deal with the crankiness of your little munchkin. Keep reading ahead to know these ways!

Comfort the infant – Remember the time when the baby was in your tummy? Not to mention that a baby is habitual of being in a warm and cosy environment, as it was in your tummy. Hence, provide him with a comfortable environment. Let us tell you that swaddled babies often sleep more soundly. Hence, swaddle him correctly in a thin, lightweight blanket.

You can also try a baby sling for comfort. It is also known as babywearing and is a good way to bond strongly with the child because you can closely hold your little munchkin with you. But be sure to master the techniques of slinging the baby.

Massage your munchkin – No wonder that massage is the ultimate relaxation therapy, and the same goes true for these little honey buns as well. You can try massaging him with the lotion or massage oils meant for babies only.

So how to do the massage correctly? Use gentle strokes and target the right body parts. Pay attention to their cues, as some kids might get irritated with the massage. Whenever they tend to get fussy, stop this massage session and continue it at some other time.

Consider health problems – There are various health problems that infants might develop. One such problem is colic. In this condition, babies cry continuously for three or more hours a day. If they do the same for three or more weeks, then it is a matter of concern. The statistics say that one in every five babies suffer from this condition.


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You can try these things to soothe them –

● Ensure that the infant wears a clean diaper. Give them a baby pacifier.
● Gently rub their back.
● Giving them a warm bath could also help.

Bring some noise – You might be thinking that when the baby was in your belly, it was a calm place for him. But that is not the case. In that period, your baby was exposed to your heart beatings, your rushing blood and the gurgling of the stomach. This is the reason silence is not always golden for some newborns.

To deal with this, try switching on the fan for some time as the infant might like the soft whirring sound of it.

You might have noticed many people making a “shush” sound to the little ones. This is the sound that your little munchkin has heard in the womb. Try making the same sound directly into his ear again and again. This will soothe the baby.

Moreover, a combination of white noise would also work. Don’t know what white noise is? It is the combination of sounds that mask other sounds occurring naturally in the environment. For instance – if you live in a noisy place, it could help reduce the noise coming out of the traffic. For infants, recordings of rainfall, waves on the beach, or the sound of the waterfall can bring them peace and aid their sleep.

To sum it all up

Be patient while handling the newborn, as keeping him safe is the supremely important thing to do. You might feel upset or angry due to his crankiness, but the key is to keep your behaviour under control. Never ever shake or hit the little one as it might damage his brain. Remember that motherhood is one of the best feelings in the world. So enjoy each and every part of this journey and handle your little munchkin with all the love and care.



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