Smart good flora serum combats summer acne

Misbah Akhtar

flora serum

Boost your good Skin Flora to prevent summer break outs

Sweating, sun and greasy sun creams all help bacteria breed on the skin, leading to summer acne.

Adult acne is now the most common skin complaint in women, largely due to stress and a building intolerance to chemicals in cosmetics and skin care products.

The most common way of treating acne break outs is with antibacterial washes and skin products. However it’s a misconception that ALL bacteria is bad for spots.

Like the intestine, skin harbours both bad AND good bacteria. It’s the bad bacteria that leads to acne, spots and infected hair roots, but the good bacteria is essential for healthy and youthful skin.

Although the underlying causes of acne and skin infections may vary, inflammation and puss is caused by bad skin bacteria getting into small acne lesions or blocked pores.

Silver Serum from Skin Shop is a facial serum and the first ‘smart’ anti-bacterial skin treatment that contains a patented form of silver called MicroSilver™ that specifically seeks out and kills bad skin bacteria while leaving good skin bacteria intact.

The problem with anti-bacterial skin treatments is that they kill ALL skin bacteria, both bad and good. So yes they get rid of the spots and puss, but they leave the skin extremely dry and flaky. Skin, and especially adult skin, needs good skin bacteria to retain elasticity and remain healthy and balanced.

However unlike chemical anti-bacterial acne and skin treatments, Silver Serum does not kill off good skin bacteria, only the bad bacteria which leads to infection, puss and blackheads. Silver Serum not only avoids good skin bacteria it actually helps preserving it to keep skin healthy and strong.

Silver Serum is designed to remain active on the skin for eight hours after application, keeping skin constantly guarded against becoming populated with bad skin bacteria.

MicroSilver ™ has been found in two studies to reduce inflammation and infection in pustules and skin lesions.

MicroSilver ™ , was found to be effective at reducing the severity and symptoms of skin infection in 70% of patients after a two-week trial period.

In a longer trial involving patients with severe skin infection, 93% were able to come off other medicated treatments after applying MicroSilver ™ to their infected skin.

Silver Serum contains 0.1% MicroSilver ™ ingredient and helps reduce infection and inflammation of blocked pores, small surface pimples & blackheads. It can also help smooth and balance sensitive skin.

Silver Serum is FREE from perfume, parabens MI and SLS and costs £12.95 (50ml). Available or call:  01794 527433

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