Small Business Idea: Cat Cafes

Misbah Akhtar

Thinking about starting your own little business? You can combine your love for felines and turn it into a fun and trending business. Cat cafes are not a new phenomenon. Countries like Japan have thriving cat cafes spread across the country. Many cat lovers cannot afford to dedicate the time or give the space to a cat. For those feline lovers, you can provide a space to spend time with some furry companions.

Cat Cafes

If you are planning to set up a cat café here are a few necessary things you will need.

Business Plan

You cannot start any business without a business plan. Think of what you want to achieve with your café. Think of the food you want to serve at your restaurant. Think of the cost of setting up the restaurant. Think of the price you want to charge your patrons at the café. Think of all the aspects you need to cover with your business plan.

Investors & Suppliers

You may need to find an investor to support your business. With the help of a strong business plan, you can secure an investor. Approaching the right investor with the right business plan is the first building block of you cat café.

You will also need suppliers for your cafe, like the little coffee bag company.


Once you have a business plan and have found an investor, you need to find a place to establish your café. Dog cafes need a lot of open space for the dogs to play and exercise. But for cat cafes, you do not need too much open space. A small shop with big windows is necessary for a cat café. Make sure that the place you are renting has no problem with the animals that you will be bringing in.


You cannot have a cat café without cats. You can start your cat café by bringing your pet cats with you first. Many shelters would agree to send their cats over to your shop as a temporary shelter. Depending on your business model you can even allow your patrons to bring their own cats to socialize with other cats at the café.

Genuine Cat Medicine

With animals and food sharing the same space, you cannot afford to have sick animals. You need to buy genuine cat medicine. The vet recommended genuine cat medicine should be given to all cats to keep them healthy. Keep a stock of genuine cat medicine for times of need.

Cat Food

Along with food to sell, you need to stock food for your cats. You can make feeding time a fun activity for your guests and cats. Allow your guests to measure and feed your cats at designated feeding time. Have treats that guests can buy and feed the cats instead of feeding them food off of their plates.

Cat-Friendly Décor

A cat café needs to have a cat-themed décor. You can do your research by looking up cat cafes from around the world. Once you narrow in on your décor, you can hire a decorator and go over the decoration plan with them. Ensure that your lease allows you to renovate the space to avoid losing your deposit money.

Have a strong business plan and build a fabulous feline paradise for your neighbourhood.

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