Skater dresses: How to wear your new style staple

Misbah Akhtar

Skater dresses: How to wear your new style staple

Bleary eyed and caffeine-free, the last thing you want to be doing at the crack of dawn is outfit planning. After all, stumbling around in the pitch black desperately trying to make sense of your floordrobe is only ever going to lead to an ear-splitting ‘I have nothing to wear’ tantrum.

No, a wise woman turns instead to her trusty and cherished style staples. You may have already worn them half to death, but at least you know you’ll leave the house looking good.

Unfortunately, the fashion industry doesn’t often give us many wearable pieces to add to our fall-back collection. Look at one of its recent offerings, thigh high boots – great fun, unless you’re already late for the school run and looking for something to quickly slip on.

Throw-it-on fashion is hard to come by, that’s why the recent flood of skater dresses straight from runways to the high street is so exciting.

Sometimes called fit and flare dresses, they’re one of the most wearable and flattering pieces to ever exist. Seriously. The nipped-in waists and kick-out skirts looks good on all shapes, and they’re super comfortable.

If you haven’t already got a few, it’s time to go shopping – you’re about to discover your favourite outfit. Here are our top tips for styling your new skater dress to perfection.

Embrace a vintage vibe

Skater dresses make it surprisingly easy to nail a vintage look with their already textbook 50s silhouette.

Pick flowery patterns and wrap or off-the-shoulder necklines to properly hit all vintage style points. Also, keep an eye out for velvet options – they make gorgeous festive party dresses.

Once you’ve got the retro chic outfit sorted, all that’s left is the hair-do. Go for pin up curls or a pageboy bob for the perfect finishing touch.

Layer it up

Ah, layers. They’re probably one of the best things about winter fashion. You can stay warm, hide away your problem areas and look chic, all at the same time.

Whether you go for a midi length or a flirty short option, the skater dress is perfect for layering.

For off-duty model cool, add a sporty vibe with a bomber jacket or a casual pullover. Or you can always stick to a simple cardigan for an office-friendly look.

Play around with patterned tights

Skater dresses are insanely flattering for legs, the cut making everyone look like they’ve got the slim, lengthy legs of a supermodel.

Since you’ll be looking your hottest anyway, now’s your chance to experiment with the out-there hosiery you’d normally never dare to wear.

Graphic tights also happen to be a big trend this season, so you’re in luck. Flower accents, bright colours, paisley prints – there are plenty to choose from if you’re willing to take a risk.

There you have it, three ways to add some personality to your wardrobe staple skater dress. Just keep playing around and having fun, and it’ll become part of your signature look in no time.

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