Role of the Trip Planner While Planning a Group Trip

Misbah Akhtar

A vacation is something everyone eagerly waits for. There is a lot of excitement and enthusiasm for any kind of vacation. A person starts planning a vacation before its time, as it involves a lot of planning, lots of disagreements and taking and changing lots of decisions. More people you involve in your plan, more confusing it gets; but it is all worth it as it actually is so much fun.

Group Trip

What a vacation plan actually needs is a person who is an initiator who can actually move out of the planning process and straightforwardly starts implementing the plans. The absence of this person may lead to no vacation at all. He takes the responsibility of planning the trip from scratch till its final execution. He takes care of the ultimate travel checklist so he should be organized, prepared and guide other members for the same. He takes care of everyone’s desires and finally makes a plan in which everyone is satisfied. Following are the duties and responsibilities of the person who plans the whole vacation:

  1. To convince everyone: It can be very chaotic and messy when several people try to plan a trip. Trips planned by a group of old friends or by students in a class, or between the relatives are usually muddled up, as there is no clear discussion possible between all these people, and hardly everyone agrees on one thing. So the role of the initiator is very crucial in order to solve disagreements and avoid petty fights. As the prospect of a trip excites everyone, all of them are going through different emotions. He calms everyone and settles them down. He convinces everyone to agree on the idea of a vacation which solves half of the problem.
  2. To finalize the date and destination: The other half of the problem arises when everyone has to agree on a single date. Everyone has plans for their respective weekends, and it is very difficult to convince them to adjust accordingly. So the trip planner needs to prioritize the importance of tasks and set a date and destination according to which everyone needs to adjust their schedule. The initiator should bear in mind that he cannot make everyone completely happy. He should do his thing and at the end of the day when everyone is happy, everyone forgets about complains they have had.
  3. Perfect place to stay: The trip planner needs to find a place where everyone can be together, enjoy and spend quality time together. A holiday home can prove to be a very memorable experience for your group. It is perfect for the accommodation of a large number of people. People usually have the misconception that holiday homes are expensive than the hotels, but it is not true. They are usually of the same value and it is much cheaper when rented by a group of people. You can read this post to clear your and your group’s doubts about the holiday homes.
  4. Make plans which involve everyone: Although you are being appreciated for initiating and making this plan possible, you need to take care that everyone is feeling involved in the plan. Even if one person is disappointed, it can ruin the energy of the whole group. Everyone should also support the planner and help him with finalizing things. Everyone should be prepared for the uncertainties on the trip and not blame the planner for everything.

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