Review | Marigold’s Disposable Gloves

Marigold’s Disposable Gloves

About a month ago, I had the opportunity to test out Marigold’s Disposable Gloves. Now, apart from the fact that I use them for everything from food preparations to cleaning, my daughter loves using them when she does her art. They’re incredible handy, comes of easily as they’re powder coated and they’re durable.

Love having these in the cupboard for when I’m preparing chicken or garlic. Any time I’m going to get my hands messy and these come out. Definitely recommending it to my family members and friends.

PS. They were a favourite when I was doing my annual Spring Cleaning!

Marigold Extra Universal Disposable Gloves (RRP £5.99 for a box of 60)

Ideal for protecting your hands while you DIY and dye, Universal Disposable Gloves are all purpose gloves specially designed to give your hands a protective barrier, but still ensure you have the sensitivity and flexibility to give a flawless finish to the job. Powder-free and fine, only the palms are double-layered for strength, while the extra-long beaded cuffs offer extra protection for hands and wrists.

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