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I’ve always struggled to get to sleep even when I’m really tired and waking up has always been a problem – especially winter months. Then I discovered Lumie BodyClock – I have heard of it a couple of times, but never gotten around to try it out. As a part of my ‘Clocks are going forward‘ feature, I got the opportunity to test it out!

I’ve only used this for a few days, but I do absolutely LOVE it! I truly love  the feeling that I’m waking up to a sunny day! Even though consciously I know it’s dark and windy and cold outside, the light seems to fix itself on my subconscious and I wake up with that happy feeling you get when it’s a lovely day outside… and that feeling doesn’t go away.

The manufacturer’s description has all the lovely science behind this, I just know that it’s much easier to wake up naturally, as I do in the summer months, as opposed to the attack-by-alarm-clock feeling of winter.

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Honestly though, the lamp really changed how I wake up – by feeling calm and not panic and stressed as I used to do when my alarm clock will ring in the morning – I simply start my day off right, and I have been a lot more positive and happy.

The Lumie Bodyclock is designed to gradually fill your room with light, waking you up naturally. The “simulated sunrise” takes approx 30 minutes to brighten and fill the room, which gives your body a signal to ease off the production of sleep hormones (Melatonin) and increase levels of those that help you get-up-and-go! (cortisol).

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The LUMIE BODYCLOCK has an RRP of £59.99 and is available from as well as major retailers like Argos

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