REVIEW | Dr Brown’s Soft-Spout Transition Cup

Dr Brown's Soft-Spout Transition Cup

My first impressions upon seeing the transition cup was that it was beautifully presented and lightweight. The lid is easy for little thumbs to open thanks to ingenious thinking regarding design; the indentation on the lid shows where you need to press down, perfect for toddlers!

The main feature of the cup that attracted me was the silicone detachable spout; something many other ‘sippy’ cups don’t have. It isn’t hard plastic which makes for easier cleaning. This is great because it ensures there are no bacteria building up where you can’t see and therefore reach, which leads to mould forming. It can sadly be dangerous for babies.

The spout has a valve tab underneath that is easy to tug down on making it easy to disassemble. Once taken apart, the spout can be cleaned as if it were a normal nipple on a feeding bottle. The cup is also ‘non-spill’ thanks to a very small opening in the spout which releases fluid only when sucked rather than free flowing.

This product is good value for money and I cannot recommend it enough. As a mother, a big worry for me was always hidden bacteria build up and mould inside my toddler’s cups. Thanks to Dr Brown, this is no longer a concern!

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By Misbah Akhtar

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