Reconnect With Your Child And Take Your Bond To Another Level

Misbah Akhtar

As much as children need food and water, they need a positive connection with their parents. Whenever they feel disconnected from their parents, their behavior tends to go off track, and it often leads to aggression or whining.

You can’t deny the fact that it becomes all the more challenging to connect with the children as schools and workplaces are closed. This makes it difficult for the parents as they are juggling a lot right now. In these hard times, it can feel hard to nourish your children with a deeper connection.

Indeed, parenting is one of the toughest jobs on the earth. So, to maintain a strong connection with your child, you need to build daily little habits that can result in a deeper bond. This will surely prove to be simple yet powerful.

Here are a few things you can try to strengthen your bond with the kids and take it to the next level. Keep reading to learn more.

Aim for physical connections – Man is a social animal who needs touch, and many studies have proven this point. Researchers conclude that touch enhances trust, strengthens the immune system, and ultimately leads to improved well-being. Now, this is the thing that might be difficult for some people, especially for those individuals who grow up in a family that doesn’t exhibit touching behavior like kisses or hugs. If you are one such parent, then start hugging your child. No doubt it will be uncomfortable in the beginning, but the results are worth it. And if you already do it, try it more often.

Simple gestures like snuggling your child as soon as you get up in the morning and hugging him good night can help nourish a feeling of belongingness. Giving your child a glass of cool drink/water, and meanwhile giving a foot rub is also a good way to build connection. You can also chat while giving the foot rub. This is a surefire way to initiate a conversation and to know more about the life of your child.

Do activities and organize parties – Undoubtedly, indulging in activities with kids is a whole new level of fun. So, engage your kid with fun activities and strengthen your bond. Play card or puzzle games, engage them in the art, or do whatever your child finds interesting.

Besides, if you and your kid are party freaks, you can organize different kinds of parties for them once in a while. You can also be a part of the same. Not to mention that you can also include several enjoyable activities to create the best moments with your child. For instance – you can organize pool parties, spa and hair parties, superhero parties, art parties, and the choices are never less. Besides, being a part of this party is fun and you can create cherishable memories.

Create a technology-free zone – Have you ever noticed the people at the restaurant? The most common scenario nowadays is to see people looking down at screens and not paying attention to each other. Note that it is not healthy for relationships, especially when only two people are sitting. For most individuals, technology is almost like a replacement for human interaction. And you must be knowing that what you do now, may later be adopted by your child. So, be physically and mentally present for your child whenever you are with them.

Put your phone on silent whenever you both are spending time. It is remarkable to note that turning off the music in the car can also lead to meaningful conversations. With this, kids are more likely to share their inner feelings and thoughts. And this is what really counts. So, create a technology-free zone and make easy connections with your child.

Go for a walk – Make nighttime family walks a routine as they are an excellent way to unwind. It gives you an opportunity to spend quality time with your kids.

If you have more than one child and think that one of them needs some time away from the other or wants attention, you can take him alone for a walk. The other parent can take the rest of the kids. In this way, you are also passing on a great healthy habit to your children in terms of walking.

Eat at least one meal a day with your child – The sole purpose of this is to connect with the whole family and encourage healthy eating. Moreover, it can also help inculcate group conversation etiquette.

It is also a good time to make your children know about the family traditions, culture and values. Whenever you all are having a meal together, steer clear of any distractions in the form of electronic devices. Share the conversations like the happiest moment of the day, what new you learned today, and there are endless examples. This will make you feel light and happy.

Bedtime check-in – If you are super busy in your schedule, ensure to have at least the same timings of getting into the bed for a good night’s sleep. Don’t miss out on this aspect as in this time, you can converse about many things with your child.

You can ask him about his day. Even if you are setting aside 15 minutes for this regime, this will do wonders for you. Routine bedtime always ends things in a positive way. So, why not strengthen your bond with this?

To sum it up all

Believe it or not, being a parent is quite a tough task. There are multiple demands, and many times, you will feel that children are dying for your attention. Don’t let this busyness come into the way of your child and you. It takes a little time and effort to connect with your child.

We have loaded you with enough ways in which you can build a strong relationship with your children. So, start executing them, and you will be surprised to see the results that it is never difficult to reconnect with your child.

At last, Barbara Johnson can’t be more right when she said –

“To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today.”


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