Ready for your beach vacation? 4 things you should definitely pack

Misbah Akhtar

No matter the weather, all of us definitely crave long sunny days and perfect glistening water at the beach. A lot of us wish that we could plan the perfect beach getaway with our friends and loved ones getaway with our friends and loved ones. For some of us, this is a possibility, where you can just head to the coast for a perfect vacation and some cherished memories. Nothing beats lying around lazily in the sun all day long, having nothing to do, and just working on your tan.


We get so busy planning our travel and stay we often forget important things that we need to pack for our vacation. It is important to have a checklist of all the items that you might need when traveling to a beach getaway. Whether you are going with friends for spring break, your family for a vacation, or even with your significant other for a romantic vacation, a beach is the perfect place to be.


There are quite a few things that will help you have the ideal beach vacation this year. These essentials will only enhance your fun in the sun. If you have planned for the Bahamas in the winter to get away from the dreary cold, or you have just loaded up your stuff in the car to drive off to the nearest beach a couple of hours away, here are the most important things that you should carry along with you for your vacation.


Good swimwear

Even if you choose to not go into the water during your beach vacation, it is essential that you pack good swimwear. Even if you choose to go sailing on a boat, go attend a pool party or just chill at the beach, swimwear is vital. You actually might not even touch the water, but you should definitely be prepared to meet the sun in a fun and stylish outfit that matches your requirements for the beach. Depending on how long you are planning to stay, decide the number of outfits that you need.


Carry a two-piece that will make you look ravishing for a day out on the boat, and carry a cute one-piece that will be both stylish and practical. Since these barely take up any space in your bag, you can carry a variety of swimwear such as a tankini, several bikinis, and one-piece suits. You can even mix and match your two-piece outfits for more versatility. If you plan on going snorkelling or scuba-diving, a one-piece is quite essential. Your bikini top can even be paired up with a good wrap-around or a maxi skirt for a stylish and chic look.


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Beach coverups

If you are a person that is quite sporty and spends most of their time in activities, a beach cover-up is an essential item for you. These classy pieces are really easy to wear and can be paired with any kind of swimsuit. You can carry a dedicated beach coverup that you can wear once you are out of the water or even a piece that you can laze around in all afternoon. Carry certain pieces that can do double duty. A long and lightweight cover-up is quite easy on your bag as well. You can also carry one or two pieces that are stylish and Boho chic, giving your swimwear the edge it needs to stand out at the beach.


Not all cover-ups need to be see-through, you can even get a good quick-drying material such as cotton for the perfect cover-up. If you do not like to wear dresses as much, you can opt for a sheer and flowy top that you can pair with a cute pair of bottoms and strappy sandals to chill at the beach. This is practical since you can easily go for bike rides or a hike with a little more coverage than what a sheer dress can offer. Vibrant colors always stand out at the beach, so if you do not want that, try opting for more neutral colors.


Beach shorts

If you are going to any warm place, shorts are quite essential. Pants can be too hot and dresses can look inappropriate at casual places. Shorts help solve this problem and are quite handy for activities that include a lot of movements such as beach volleyball or even a small hike to a more remote place. You can wear shorts to a club, a restaurant and even to the beach without having to worry about carrying a lot of clothes with you.


You can decide on any length of shorts, depending on your comfort level. Athletic shorts are great but are not meant for maximum use, instead, you can opt for a light pair of denim shorts or fitted cargos. Try going for options that are made of linen and cotton, since these materials tend to get dry quite quickly and can provide relief from the scorching heat. You can even wear your shorts over your bathing suit as a coverup or even a new outfit.


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After a good pair of shorts, the second most essential item in your checklist should be cute tops. You should be prepared for rain, sun, and overcast in terms of your outfit. You can pack various basic tops for layering and a few that can stand out on their own. Throw in at least one long and short sleeve top in your bag.


The beach can be quite cold early in the morning or late at night, and it doesn’t hurt to pack adequately for such weather. These can also be worn over a tank top if you do not want to wear them all the time. You can even get a button-down shirt to protect your arms from the blazing heat and the strong rays of the sun. This can even be used as a coverup on a dress by knotting it at the waist.


No matter where you go, any beach vacation requires the same essentials that you would need for a perfect getaway. Use this list to make sure that you do not forget anything vital that could impede your plans for the beach.

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