Ready For Preschool? Your Essential Guide To What Comes Next For Your Little One

When you are a parent, life can be like a non-stop rollercoaster. There is no time to get used to life with your child before they have suddenly reached the next developmental stage and both your lives have completely changed again! It seems like just yesterday when you were learning to change a nappy for the first time and holding a tiny little baby who needed you for everything. Now your child is toilet trained, counting and telling you all about their favourite TV characters. They’re also driving you insane with words like “No” and “Why”. This year is going to see the biggest changes yet, so we give you the top four challenges parents face when little ones become preschoolers:

  1. Asserting themselves – Your preschooler knows what they want and when they’ve made up their mind to get it you could be in for trouble if you get in their way. Keep calm if you can or give them a time out until you can grin and bear it. Now their vocabulary makes them more easily understood, they feel that this is the time when they can boss you about. The charm of it lasts all of ten seconds I’m afraid. This year will see you having longer conversations about why Mummy and Daddy are the bosses in the house, and how certain behaviours will get negative responses.

Ready For Preschool

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  1. New bedroom – Now your child is a preschooler, you may have noticed just how tall they are getting. This means it is time to get rid of the cot bed and buy a full sized child’s bed for their bedroom. You may also move them into a bigger room in the house. Buying childrens beds is easier online so you can see what you get when it is assembled. Choose from bunk beds to cabin beds with storage and desks. Children this age love little hiding places for their favourite toys.

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Ready For Preschool

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  1. Physically daring – Once children start to see what their peers can do, they immediately want to copy that with no consideration for their limits or boundaries. Everything from climbing the slide the wrong way to throwing themselves on the floor can be an opportunity for injury to occur. It will break your heart more than it will hurt them if they do have any bumps and scrapes, but you cannot risk them being injured. Have plenty of conversations about consequences of their actions. If it does happen, remind them of the conversation. It will help your little one understand that there is truth in your warnings.

  2. Independence – It may have started as they turned three, but now your child wants to do everything for themselves. They are also happier playing in private in their room rather than at your feet. They can feed themselves without making a mess, and you don’t even notice that they’ve popped to the loo. Your little one is growing up, and you may start to feel a little redundant… or maybe even relieved!

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