How to Put the ‘Wow Factor’ Into Your Home

Kiran Singh

The response to a busy and hectic daily schedule is to get home and shut the door. You want your home to be a haven of relaxation and retreat; however, you also want your home to energise you and make you feel great. Here are three tips to put the ‘wow factor’ into your home, so that you’re always happy to be there.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Yes, who is the fairest of them all? That will be you. There is nothing more dramatic than a floor to ceiling length mirror. Be big and bold with your choice, and hang it in a place that is unexpected. Try the alcove of the chimney breast nearest the window so that your room benefits from the additional sunlight as it streams through.


Check that the position you have chosen isn’t in the direct sunlight otherwise the glare will hurt your eyes.

It’s a mirror, so any furniture you place in front of it needs to be as aesthetically pleasing from the back as it is from the front. If there are stains or discoloration on the back of a sofa, for example, use a strategically placed throw to hide the imperfection.

Green All the Way

We live in an age where green and eco are the only way to go. Bring the outside in and have an abundance of plants in your home. Not only will they improve the purity of your home’s air, but they add height, beautiful green tones and a real sense of opulent luxury. You don’t have to be limited to where you place them: bookcases, shelves, or even hanging from the ceiling. Pay attention to your outside garden, after all, you don’t want that to let you down on your quest for fabulousness. A waterfall feature or fountain will provide your garden with a wow factor, visit for advice and inspiration to help you achieve your desired effect, and the good news? You don’t have to have a country estate to have a water feature, the smallest of yards can be transformed – wow.


Always make sure that you know how to care for your houseplants, as you don’t want to be displaying unhealthy plants. Not all like direct sunlight, and this makes them perfect to brighten up even the darkest of corners.

Big is Beautiful

If you have your eye on a beautiful statement piece of art, get it. You may feel that it’s just too big for your space, but it can actually make a room seem larger, as it plays with your perception of the room’s proportion. Having art or framed photographs that are dwarfed for the space of the wall that they are on looks miserly, we want the wow factor, and that means ultimate luxe. If your artwork is on the small side, group it together with other pieces you may have. Don’t worry about conflicting styles, as this will just add to the interest.


Your art and framed pieces must provide balance to the room, you aren’t aiming for junk shop chic. Make sure that someone can help you when you hang them so that they can hold them while you check that they look their best.

Don’t hang treasured pieces in direct sunlight, you don’t want them to fade.

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