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Misbah Akhtar

Do you have kids at home? You must be well aware of the fact that pets fascinate children very much. And many children want you to bring one at home. Are you considering one? Read further.


Pets contribute a lot when it comes to nurturing the growth of the kids. And if you want the same for your kid, why not bring a friend for him? Want to know which pet to get? Don’t worry! This article will fetch you all the answers you need. Keep scrolling down to see the bundle of choices that you can make while selecting the pet for your kid.


Dogs – There is no wonder that when it comes to adopting a pet, dogs top the list. They are not only gentle and loving but also provide strong companionship, inside as well outside the house. Moreover, if your little one refrains from playing outside, getting a dog will be of great help. The reason is dogs also require a bit of exercise, and your child can take the pet out for walking.


If your child is suffering from anxiety or certain disorders like depression, dogs can help cope with it too. The little pup will be your child’s forever playing friend whenever he needs them. Whether the neighbourhood friends are busy or it is too late in the evening, a dog will always be at your beck and call. Your child can share everything with their furry pal.


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Birds – Colorful, attractive, and delightful creatures – this is the perfect description for birds. What is the biggest plus point of keeping them? Soft and soothing melodies. Few kids steer clear of physically touching animals but still like to watch them from a certain distance. If your kid is one of them, the birds are an apt choice for your home. And if being a parent, you don’t want to lose a pet soon; birds make a good option. In fact, studies say that birds can survive up to 30 years. So, if you find it difficult to say goodbye, you know what pet to opt for.


However, note that birds also need more care than any other pet. Specifically speaking, birds need more hygiene, better feeds, and an open caging to stay fit and healthy. For instance, if you’re thinking of getting poultry pets, you will also need to get the right poultry feeders for them, along with an open area where they can stretch some muscles. In general, every bird is unique and so are their needs.


Rabbits – If you want to make your kid know the feeling of what it is like to take care of a pet, then getting a rabbit is a good start. Cuteness overloaded and extremely cuddly; this is what defines them the best. But yes, they take time to get used to the human touch. However, after getting used to it, no one can beat them. Your kid can take it around the house and roam or can take it on his head. Rabbits will simply observe the surroundings around them.


It is noteworthy to say that rabbits are jolly, curious, and social creatures, and they love to spend time with their owners. Many individuals across the globe love to hold rabbits. And the most enthralling part is – some rabbits bond with the kids/family so much that they even jump onto an open lap whenever you call them.


Cats – Cats also count as amazing house pets. You can either keep cats indoors or install a cat flap for them. The cat flap will allow them to roam wherever they want. And if you feel troubled by the noise level around your home, try thinking about getting a cat. They don’t make much noise. Even when they are hungry, they will make the slightest meow.


Let us tell you an interesting fact! Giving a cat to your kid when he is young actually contributes to minimizing the risk of getting allergies. As per the National Institute of Health, children less than one year who were exposed to a cat have a lower risk of developing allergies like dust mites, ragweed, etc. You may have heard that cat hair is one of the most common causes of cat allergies. But here comes the fascinating part! If you make your child friendly with cats within his first few years of development, the child will most likely build an immune system that is strong enough to fight cat allergies and other kinds of allergens.


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Guinea pigs – Guinea pigs are a rather unconventional choice, but they still make a great pet for kids. They come with a lot of personality traits. Some guinea pigs are bold, but some are shy. If you find any two guinea pigs that are looking the same, don’t think that they will act the same.


Before getting one, make enough interaction with these cute little pets to ensure that you can handle their personality. For instance – if you want a cuddly friend, get an outgoing and friendly one.


Hamsters – Hamsters are tiny and entertaining creatures that are commonly considered for keeping as house pets. You can install a hamster wheel for them in the pet cage. This is an excellent method to keep them occupied.


Hamsters require fresh water and vegetables to keep themselves going. Additionally, they need vitamin C supplements every day. They also need plenty of bedding and nesting material. The important thing to note here is that they are delicate creatures and should be handled carefully.


Fish – If you want to engage your child plus add beauty to your home at the same time, then consider getting an aquarium. Bright coloured fishes intrigue children and entertain them.


Moreover, if your kid struggles with behavioral issues, get an aquarium for him. He will definitely find it calming. Experts say that an aquarium helps improve the concentration and sleep among the children, which in turn can boost the performance in school.


To sum it all up

Getting pets to your home for kids can teach them multiple things about life. Make them know how to handle these creatures with care. Keep your choices and preferences in mind and choose the right one for your kid. No wonder that your child will have one of the best companions of his life.



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