Peace of Mind: 8 Crime Deterrents for Commercial Properties

Kiran Singh

With police departments being under so much pressure from social unrest and increasingly violent crime, it’s incumbent that business owners and managers do everything they can to protect themselves and their businesses.

This article will give general guidelines for how a commercial property can be protected, from alarms to installing commercial safety glass

Commercial Properties

Install an Alarm System

There are probably a few products that could provide so many different protections as can an alarm system. This is because alarm systems can be so specialized, from protecting doors and windows to panic buttons for owners.

A good alarm system can be installed to protect a business owner and their employees inside of their offices and prevent an intrusion by a burglar before they can get inside. Alarms aren’t cheap, to be sure, but most experts agree that the expense is well worth the money.

Install Video Cameras

Just as alarms will protect a business can deter a criminal, so can a video camera. In fact, most experts agree that video camera can serve as a more significant threat than an alarm since a camera will record not only that someone was on the premises, but when they were there and what they did while they were there.

Install Lights

Most crime happens at night when the lack of light makes it easier for criminals to act without being seen. With lighting installed around buildings and other places where light might be limited, criminals will think twice before they attempt entry.

Install Commercial Safety Glass and Doors

Most criminals aren’t professionals. Instead, they are amateurs looking for something to sell for their next fix. As much as a business can put between itself and the criminal will deter them from attempting to commit a crime. This includes, most notably, commercial safety glass and doors.

Hire Security Guards

Most crimes happen when there is no one on the grounds. To have someone there while a business is closed only adds that much prevention to a possible crime. Further, a person in a uniform wearing a badge is a strong visual deterrent to someone who wants to commit a crime.

Get a Guard Dog

The fact that dogs, primarily trained guard dogs, don’t scare easily is a huge deterrent to someone looking to commit a crime. Further, a single dog can protect a considerable area, and their sense of smell, sight, and hearing can exceed those of handlers manifolds.

Install Good Fences

A robust and high fence around the perimeter of a commercial property can go a long way towards protecting it from intruders. Along with good lighting and camera coverage, a business has a significantly lesser chance of having a crime problem.

Employ Quality Locks

As basic as it might sound, few things will protect a commercial building or office better than good locks. This goes for padlocks on the outside of buildings and other assets, but on doors and other entrances. Besides this, any door must have a latch guard that will help to prevent a criminal from gaining entry.

It might go without saying but bears repeating, that there is nothing better about providing security for a business than being aware. Any weakness in the confines of a business that can be spotted by an owner or manager can be taken advantage of by a criminal.

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