It’s Party Time with StyleBoxe

Looking to wow your guests at this year’s birthday soirée or throw the ultimate celebration for someone else? Check out my top tips!

Pick a Theme

Having a theme for your party is the best way to make a cohesive feeling throughout. I absolutely love the Iridescent Party Decor set by StyleBoxe.

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More detailed info below!

Always Make a List

Decide ahead of time what you will need to throw your party. You might find that you can recycle decorations you’ve used before, or borrow big-ticket items such as a smoke machine.

Add Flowers!

To add an easy and fun element to any decor, add a bouquet of flowers! Flowers don’t have to be expensive, and you already have containers to use as vases in your house or dorm (like a used jar of tomato sauce!). Take advantage of the different floral varieties that are available each season. Don’t fuss over it — just fill a vase with warm water, snip the ends of the stems, and drop them in.

Get People Involved

Ask your friends and family to help you plan and prepare for your big event. The more fun you have putting the celebration together, the better it will turn out. Enlisting friends and family not only allows additional hands to put it all together, but you can also borrow their creativity!


In the Iridescent Party Decor set you get:

Rainbow & Iridescent Plates
Rainbow & Iridescent Napkins
Rainbow & Iridescent Cups
Iridescent Table Confetti
Silver Confetti Balloons
Iridescent Tassel Garland Kit
Rainbow & Iridescent Hanging Fans
Iridescent Compressed Air Cannon

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Additional Option:

Iridescent Fringe Curtain

How does it work?

It’s simple. Everything you need to decorate your party in style comes complete in a pretty box delivered directly to your door. All you need to do is to choose whether you need up to 8 or 16 guests.

What are the content details and dimensions?

8 x Rainbow & Iridescent Paper Plates with silver foil HOORAY slogan, 23cm x 23cm.*
16 x Rainbow & Iridescent Paper Napkins with silver foil PARTY slogan, 17cm x 17cm, folded.*
8 x Rainbow & Iridescent Cups with silver foil YAY slogan, 9cm high, 7cm diameter with 9oz capacity.*
1 x Iridescent Table Confetti – 14g of iridescent foil confetti.
5 x Silver Confetti Clear Balloons filled with silver foil confetti pieces, reaching 12” high when inflated. (To help the confetti stick to the sides of the balloons we recommend using a mixture of helium and a good of puff of air).
1 x Iridescent Tassel Garland Kit – This DIY tassel garland kit comes complete with 15 tassels (5 blue, 5 pink and 5 peach), 2m of ribbon and instruction card. Tassels measure 20cm high.
3 x Rainbow & Iridescent Hanging Fans – 2x pastel rainbow fans and 1x full iridescent fan. Large fans 36cm diameter, small fan 28cm diameter.
1 x Iridescent Compressed Air Cannon – The cannon shooter is filled with iridescent foil confetti pieces, 15cm x 3.8cm.

Additional Option:
1 x Iridescent Fringe Curtain – Simply hang the fringe curtain on walls or doors to create a unique party back drop, 245cm high, 91cm wide.

*The quantities described above are for up to 8 guests. For up to 16 guests the relevant quantities are increased accordingly.

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This Iridescent Party Decor Set will transform your setting with its shimmering features. This party decor set is available for either up to 8 guests or up to 16 guests.

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