Parental Advice On What To Do If Your Child Is Getting Bullied

Bullying is a horrible problem that sadly affects schools nationwide. There are many children out there who feel scared when they go to school because of bullies. If you think your child is being bullied, there are ways for you to deal with it. Have a look at some of my advice down below:

Talk To Them

The best advice I can give another parent is to talk to your child. If they seem upset, then ask them what the problem is. If they tell you they’re being picked on, then listen to them. Ask them to tell you exactly what happened and if it’s happened before. The bullying statistics are quite shocking these days, 25% of kids are getting bullied. This means there’s every chance your child could be getting bullied without you even knowing. But, if you sit and talk to them, asking about their day, you can find out. It can also help them to speak to someone about it. It’s likely they’ve felt too scared/embarrassed to talk before, so getting it all out can help them.

Don’t Overreact

This is perhaps the hardest piece of advice I have to give. It’s important that you don’t overreact if you find out your child is being bullied – this can only make things worse. If you get over emotional and angry and threaten to go to the bully’s parents, your child will get more upset. Being an emotional parent, in this situation, can make things a lot worse for your kid. Try and stay calm and think clearly. You don’t want emotion to lead you into doing something you might regret. I know, as a parent, this will probably be very hard for you to do. It’s not nice to think about someone causing your child emotional/physical pain. They’re your world, you’ve sworn to protect them your whole life. Hearing that your child is being bullied can shock you, but try to keep a level head.

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Getting Bullied

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Talk To Teachers

It is important that you let the school know your child is being bullied. But, like I said, don’t go in fuelled by emotions. You can’t barge into the school and start shouting at teachers that someone is bullying your kid. You especially can’t walk into the school and point out the bully in front of all the other children and teachers. However, you do need to have a conversation with teachers to make them aware of the situation. More often than not, a teacher won’t have done something to stop the bullying. This isn’t because they’re bad teachers, they just aren’t aware of it. It’s highly unlikely your child will turn to a teacher when getting bullied. So, you need to bring it to their attention in a civil manner. Then, the school will likely take action and figure out a way to solve the bullying problem. It’s, likely, they’ll call up the bully’s parents and speak to their family separately on the situation.

Bullying is always a sensitive topic, but it needs to be talked about. The more it’s spoken about, the more people become aware of the problem sweeping schools today. Being aware of bullying is one of the first steps in eradicating the problem.

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