Free Wills Month: Tips on what to consider when it comes to sorting your financial affairs and writing your will

March is Free Wills month, an initiative backed by charities that offer free will services to those aged over 55. In light of COVID-19 creating a spike in the number of people writing wills, Emma Watson, Head of Financial Planning at Rathbone Investment Management has shared the below tips on what to consider when it […]

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again; Mother’s Day is just around the corner – Sunday the 14th March. So now is the time to think of how you’re going to celebrate the big day this year. A beautiful bouquet will always be received with joy; however, there are many other ways to show your Mother […]

A Guide To Planning A Funeral During The Pandemic

Losing a loved one is more painful than you can imagine. But the thought of a family member dying during the pandemic is traumatic because you may not even have a proper farewell for them. Social gatherings are restricted, and you may not even see the mortal remains if it’s a COVID-death. But you should […]

4 Strategies to Make You Regular at the Gym

It is quite hard to keep up with a stable and consistent gym routine. Most people are overwhelmed due to the dedication and hard work that is required to have an active and fit lifestyle. It is important to remember to take it step-by-step and not to be too hard on yourself if you skip […]

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