How Owning a Pet can Improve your Mental Wellness

Misbah Akhtar

Are you feeling down and depressed? Are you already taking medication and visiting the doctors, but haven’t felt much better in yourself? Believe it or not, help could be in the form of a four-legged friend. Whether you are already a pet owner or perhaps you are considering getting a pet for your household, owning a pet can help you to improve your mental health and that of your family too.

From getting outside and enjoying the fresh air with your dog, to enjoy cuddles on the sofa with your cat, owning a pet is a great way to help boost your mood and provide a new companion for a member of your family who may already suffer from mental illness. Read on to find out how furry friends can help improve your mental well-being.

Mental Wellness

Work, rest and play

Owning a pet means you are essentially welcoming a smaller, fluffier, four-legged member into your family – who is more than happy to be involved in each and every part of your work and home life. In fact, offices across the UK are starting to wake up to the benefits of pets in the workplace for their employees’ mental health. The same can be said for having a different companion in your home life too.

Owning a cat, dog or even a goldfish means that you must adhere to timings when it comes to feeding and exercising which can add structure to your day. Not to mention, people’s relationship with their pets is something unique and special. Pets can also be great for your stress levels too and, as any pet owner knows, you will create a bond with your pet that is different to any relationship you establish with a fellow member of your family.

Get the whole family involved

The surliest of teenagers or disinterested eleven-year-olds are sure to melt upon seeing a new puppy or kitten. Even if you decide to adopt a pet, or are after a smaller animal such as a rabbit or guinea pig, the whole family will have to be involved in the care and upkeep of your latest family addition. From getting you all up early and outdoors during the weekend to run around after your dog, to spend more quality time in the living room playing with your cat, welcoming an animal into your home will boost everyone’s mood. Yes, getting a pet shouldn’t be a decision to take lightly. You will need to consider the costs of pet care such as flea treatments and dog vaccination prices. However, a pet is another member of your family to benefit spending time with.

Man’s best friend

So, whether you are after a cat or dog, pets are great for getting the whole family together and boosting your overall mood. They can also be life-changing for the least get-up and go of families and have even been proven to help boost self-esteem and improve overall well-being. What are you waiting for? Go and give your pet a cuddle, and be thankful for the love they give you and your household.

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