How to Overcome the 2 Most Common Challenges Single Moms Face

Misbah Akhtar

It isn’t easy in today’s economy to be a couple managing a family, but what if you are a single parent? What if you are responsible for literally everything in your children’s lives with no help from a spouse or partner? Yes, many of the challenges are the same whether you are a single mom, a married mom or even the village raising a child. Sometimes life trips you up and there’s nothing you can do but lay down in despair or pick yourself up and step over it. Here are 2 of those common challenges and a few tips on how to overcome them as a single mom.

The Balancing Act

There is only so much you can do by yourself and if you are trying to balance between home and work, it can be extremely stressful. One thing you should understand is that there will be times of conflict. You are working and the daycare, babysitter or school calls. Your child is sick. Can you please come pick them up? What you should know from the very beginning is that while work is important, your child is even more so. If you haven’t agreed with a family member or friend to pick up your child and signed all the documents at school authorizing them to do so, you’ll need to go yourself.

Most bosses understand that there will be times when you need to leave early, whether you are a parent or just get sick on the job. Just make sure those times don’t happen too often. A single time or two during a year may not get you fired, but habitually leaving early could cost you your job. If there is no one you trust, be aware of the consequences and don’t take advantage of your boss’ leniency for anything other than emergency situations.

Establishing or Re-Establishing Credit

The second most common problem single moms face falls within the financial realm. It’s understandable that you may have periodic trouble making your bills each month but now you have a job and are finally back on stable ground. However, just when you think you’ll be able to save a little money, your car suddenly dies. Now, what do you do? You can’t very well lug kids around and get to work with no car, but you’ve ruined your credit.

What you can do is check out sites like to find a car loan designed for people with bad credit. Not only will this put you behind the wheel, but timely payments will go a very long way towards repairing your credit score. One thing you shouldn’t do is apply for any more credit cards or other types of revolving credit. Make an effort to pay any unpaid balances listed on your credit report, keep up your car payments as they come due but never apply for any more credit until you have zero debt. It may take a while, but at least you’ll get better rates as you work your way up to a good score.

You are being a responsible parent if you plan well for your child’s health and welfare. This may mean making sacrifices in the short term, but if you see the big picture, you can balance your life and continue growing your savings if you plan for those whammies life throws at you. Make no mistake, obstacles will be there. It’s how you handle them that counts.

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