Outsmart Your Little Ones By Kid Proofing Your iPhones And Tablets

Misbah Akhtar

You babyproof your house to ensure that your kids don’t bump their heads and get hurt while playing or running around. But did you know that childproofing your phones and tablets is equally important?

Yes, that’s right.

Toddlers and kids are mischievously fondling things they are not supposed to play with, especially gadgets. Although they are cute and pretty, they can make a huge mess with their little finger, especially when it comes to gadgets.

Let’s admit the fact that we’ve all at some point handed over phones and gadgets to keep their minds busy. If not that, then Covid-19 and online schools did force everyone to allow their kids to work or play virtual games on smartphones and tablets.

But what if your children aren’t able to handle those expensive gadgets? What if the gadgets slip from your children’s hands? Or what if they end up seeing something that they shouldn’t be seeing?

There are a number of things that could go wrong once you introduce your children to smartphones, tablets, and other expensive gadgets. Although parental controls are able to block certain apps and folders, your kids will definitely find a way to crack the codes.

Fortunately, there are other things you can try to childproof your phones and tablets. Let’s take a quick look at them.

Outsmart Your Little Ones By Kid Proofing Your iPhones And Tablets

Use good quality protective cases.

It is needless to say that expensive smartphones such as iPhones can land you into real financial trouble if not handled properly. You might be thinking that Apple is known for its latest technology and produces the world’s best gadgets. With that amazing body and incredible features, nothing could harm your phone. Right? But that’s where you are wrong.

No matter how careful and smart you are, gravity is stronger than you. There’s a huge chance that you might drop and damage your precious iPhone.

A lot of smartphones, such as the iPhone X and iPhone 11, have slippery backs. Not to mention that they are utterly expensive. Kids or no kids, you must ALWAYS protect your phones with protective cases. They act as the first line of defence against accidental drops.

And let’s be honest, you can’t always hover around your kids to make sure that they use and handle your gadgets well. That’s where protective cases come into play. Consider using an iPhone 11 or iPhone X case to protect your smartphone from accidental falls. It’ll add a bit of grip to your phone, making it easy and safe for your little ones to handle.

Also, make sure that you opt for a good quality protective case for your phones and tabs; otherwise, you’ll be back to square one.

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  • Enable restrictions

Now that we are done with how to protect your phone physically let’s dive into how to secure your kids from seeing what they shouldn’t be seeing.

iOS offers multiple parental controls that block certain apps. And by disabling in-app purchases, you can actually take the security level a notch higher. That’s interesting.

The best part of enabling restrictions is that they use ranging metrics to filter content. For this, you need to go to Settings and click on General and then select Enable Restrictions.

With the help of a four-digit numeric passcode, you can simply govern subsequent access. Here’s the list of some things you need to disable and restrict to steer clear of any unwanted trouble.

  • Try disabling Safari, Camera, and Facetime to safeguard your little ones from browser access. Not to mention that they won’t be able to meddle and fiddle with your camera and pictures. Also, they won’t be able to make unintentional, and unwanted FaceTime calls.
  • Also, make sure that you disable the iTunes store and other in-app purchases to keep your wallet safe.
  • Deactivate all the voice controls, including Siri, and Airdrop as they can be really problematic for you and your children if not used properly.
  • If you don’t want your kids to meddle with your Calendar, Mails, and other accounts, make sure you restrict access to them too.
  • And if your children love playing games on your iPhone, you also need to disable Multiplayer Games and Adding Friends. This will restrain them from adding strangers to your friends’ list.
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Consider disabling wi-fi for brief intervals.

Although the internet and gadgets have always proved to be a helping hand for everyone, too much screen time can affect your little one’s eyes and brain. There are times when you might have found your children glued to gadgets and smartphones all day. You need to do something about it as soon as possible.

If you want your children to ditch screens and gadgets and go out and play in the REAL WORLD, try disabling the wi-fi from your iPhone or iPad. That makes sense. Whether it is streaming youtube videos or playing online games, your phone practically runs with the help of the internet.

And wi-fi helps in getting you an unlimited supply of the internet. Disabling wi-fi will turn off every app that runs on the internet, making your smartphone useless for your children. Also, killing the internet supply is the only surefire way to block web access completely.

To disable wi-fi from your iPhone, visit Settings and flip the switch. Doing just that is going to do you no good. Your children are going to find a way to enable the wi-fi in no time.

To avoid this, you need to one-up them by clicking on Forget This Network. Now when your little ones try to turn the wi-fi back on, they’ll have to enter a password which only you would know.

Disable wi-fi whenever you want your children to take a break from the gadgets.

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To sum it all up,

Childproofing your iPhone and tablets is something that every parent should do. It keeps your gadgets safe, and it’s easier to keep track of your little one’s technical activities.

So, use the gadget protection tips mentioned above and provide your little munchkins with a better and safe technical environment and make your life less anarchic. That was the plan. Right?

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