Who’s O’right?
O’right is an organic brand from Taiwan, but they’ve made it a lifestyle.
O’right puts green concepts into all of their products, from materials and ingredients to designs and operations. O’right devotes themselves to Eco-line, reduces carbon emissions and using certified organic ingredients, soy ink printing and recycled paper and biodegradable bottles to ensure a sustainable good life for our future generations. They also want to give something back so in their bottles is a seed to plant a tree.

What is Recoffee?
Recoffee is one of O’rights latest products in its hair care range. Recoffee is an oil made out of recycled coffee grounds, which is an excellent source of antioxidants.

On the bottle, its states that “the shampoo gently cleanses the hair and locks in moisture to create  shiny hair. ” and “The conditioner is mixed with the oil and softening ingredients from plants, to deeply repair and nourish the hair. It creates shiny hair with volume.”

After been using Recoffee for few weeks now, my hair is really soft and both hair and scalp feels healthy. My scalp doesn’t agree to many shampoos so that’s amazing. I do find that my hair feels better and softer a day or two after I’ve washed it than on the same day. But only helps to not wash it as often so fine by me. I will definitely continue using it. I love the packaging and the fact that they have seeds in their bottles to plant is such a great idea. I love the smell. The coffee smell might not be for everyone, but O’right has a wide range of Shampoos and conditioners to choose between. Being one of the greenest shampoos in the world with no carbon footprint is a huge deal for me so worth the extra few £. They don’t test on animals and are free from parabens and sulphates, so all plus there.


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