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It’s time to snap out of your usual laborious working routine sat slumped over your desk and get standing. As humans, nobody likes to remain seated for such a long period of time, so standing is just the natural way forward. See just how much of a difference this alternative can impact your working attitude and whole lifestyle. As shocking reports reveal that a quarter of all adults fail to even manage 30 minutes of exercise a week! If your guilty of this, then a standing desk could be the answer, as small bursts of standing throughout the day can help towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So  you can leave work remaining positive and proactive. For years, standing desks are something that many people have over looked, but we have proof to show you just how effective standing desks can be, so before you go knocking the idea, check out the facts!

So now the question is, who do you turn to for one of these standing desk? Well look no further then one of the leading suppliers of standing desks, the much loved Varidesk, carving out an essential to any 21st century office. What makes Varidesk different, is the fact that it simply sits on top of your existing desk for a much easier and efficient set up. Varidesk’s  also come with the added benefit of being able to take your desk from sitting to standing in a matter of minutes. A handy alternative that provides support at any height. With a modern and simplistic design, the desks come fully assembled so you can be up and working in minutes. It couldn’t be easier, effortlessly made to fit perfectly into your workspace, no matter what your requirements.

Choose from The Pro Series which uses one single display surface, with enough room for dual monitors, accessories and all your essentials. Available in black, online from Varidesk prices ranging from £325 – £365. Or why not try out The Pro Plus Series which also accommodate dual monitors, but also comes with a two-tiered design allowing you to separate your laptop and monitors from your mouse and keyboard. Available in black or white, online from Varidesk, prices ranging £325 – £425. And if you’ve got a corner desks then the The Cube Corner Series might just be for you, using the same two tier design while maximising the space you have to offer, with the added benefit of holding dual monitors. Available in black and white, online from Varidesk for £425. Each of the desks mentioned above comes with an 11 different height settings, supports up to 35lbs and comes with a spring loaded boost to create the ultimate standing desk.

And if you’re a bit more pushed for space, then why not try The Soho Series, a smaller model perfect for laptops or tablets. Providing a single flat surface for a single monitor, it supports up to 10lbs and has 9 height settings to work with you. And is a great way to start out in the world of standing desks. Available in black or white from Varidesk for £150.

Take the plunge with the world of standing desks today and you’ll never look back, changing how you work forever in a matter of seconds!

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