NEW ‘teflon’ Conceal & Shield has acne totally covered!

Conceal blemishes while shielding them from acne bacteria and flooding them with good bacteria at the same time with revolutionary new ingredient Teflose ® and novel skin probiotic Biolin® in new Conceal & Shield for acne-prone skin.

Teflose ® is a natural ingredient that offers a protective ‘teflon’ like coating over blemishes and inflamed skin and is proven to shield blemishes from acne bacteria and reduce inflammation at the same time*.

teflon Conceal & Shield

Biolin ® is a novel new skin prebiotic which floods the blemished skin with healthy skin flora and is proven to help repair the skin barrier and fight off acne bacteria**.

Conceal & Shield comes in four shades of tint to match most skin types and offers a perfect cover of prominent acne and acne rosacea blemishes while protecting the skin from further infection and calming down inflammation at the same time.

How to use Conceal & Shield dispenser pen

  • When first using Conceal & Shield clicker pen dispenser click the top of the pen slowly and repeatedly until concealer appears in the brush head. This may need 10-15 clicks to remove the excess air from inside the tube.
  • Do not click the dispenser device too quickly or it may jam. This is because the consistency of the product has been made to be a thick as possible for use with a dispenser pen device so as to give the most effective concealing effect. When the product is new and the tube is full sometimes the dispenser can get momentarily blocked. It gets easier to click the more you use it.
  • If jamming does occur, tap the clicker end of the pen gently on a surface and then continue to click the clicker dispenser slowly and repeatedly until un-blocked.
  • When using the clicker dispenser always click slowly and gentle. Do not click quickly or with too much force.
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Conceal & Shield is FREE from parabens, MI, SLS and perfumes and comes in a handy 4.5ml clicker pen dispenser with fine brush applicator for accurate cover and protection.

Conceal & Shield is suitable for use on all acne and acne rosacea. Available in light, light/medium, medium and dark shades.

Conceal & Shield costs £11.95(4.5ml) Available from or call: 01794 527433.

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